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Open Development Environment

PC you are using at work, now is a Mac (iMac 27inch).

I did not come only with Windows for many years
At first, I was puzzled, after all the screen's a beautiful
It's not nearly the problem it get used.

Some Windows software (IE, tera term, FFFTP, FlashDevelop) or there is absolutely necessary to use, because you want to use, but you have Windows put in VMware.

Software to be used in the development

So, we will introduce the software that are primarily used in Mac.
Everything presented here is what you can use for free. Thankfully.


Simple text editor.
It can not be the character of decoration, such as a word, has come in handy because enough and easy to use is to make the programming and simple note is good.
mi (Mi), the free text editor for the Macintosh. And Mac OS (System 7 or later), corresponding to the OS X. The latest version is 2.1.9. Formerly known as ear edit.

Eclipse PDT(PHP Development Tools)

One of the Eclipse ( "Eclipse" or "Eclipse") is an integrated development environment that has been developed by IBM (IDE). While high-performance open source, corresponding to some of the language, including Java. Eclipse itself is written in Java.


XAMPP Mac OS 版 の!
It summarizes the free software required to run the web application in Mac OS X only as a package, are provided from mamp.info. But mainly it is a, or for learning for development, which may also be used as a real operational environment in such as an intranet.

So, what do you think ?