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External HDD that has evolved

iMac in the main at work (27inch), use the MacBook Air (11inch) in the sub,
In the home is what your own PC, but still is Windows XP w

Own PC is you're using indeed close to 10 years, not very good condition
(Do not want to change soon motherboard and CPU. Still Pentium4 soup w)
So I home I was increasingly able to use the MacBook Air in
Since the storage there is only 64GB, and resulting in the something video editing in iMovie
It becomes immediately filled orz

Portable hard disk

So to look for external HDD!
I did know examined various,
It surprised that is considerably smaller!


Thickness is slightly thinner than the iPhone4S, little width is wide smartphone like!

· Minimum amount of the world's most Qing (※)
Width 75mm x depth 107mm x height 9mm
※ volume and with respect to the weight. 2013 January. In USB3.0 portable hard disk (2.5-inch hard disk built-in) (our research)

Logitec impact portable HDD

Launched a "30-day return possible service" of the impact Portable HDD!
A service that allows you to actually touch and use products sold exclusively online.
A portable HDD product that can be used not only for PCs but also for TV recording. In addition to the regular model, a nasne model is also available.
If it is within the period, a full refund will be given, and Logitech will also cover shipping and refund fees.

It has a stylish design and is easy to carry along with your laptop.
Yesterday, I impulse bought a 500GB HDD from TOSHIBA at Bic Camera.
Now that the MacBook Air is back, let's put it to work!

So, what do you think ?