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The concept of design is simple and timeless
Including the design of such goods or flyer to band era,
Knowledge and system construction were involved as SE,
Also taking advantage of operation and maintenance of experience as a representative of the company Web in general,
It is a design production and system development such as WebSite.
Now, responsible in large and small projects as a Web director at the web production company.


HTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL / Ajax /
Photoshop / Illustrator / WordPress / iMovie / Excel / Word / PowerPoint /
Windows / MacOS / Linux / UNIX /
Nissho Bookkeeping Test Level 2 / FP Skill Test Level 3


iMac / Windows 10 (hp Spectre x360、miniPC) / iPhoneX / android Tablet /
Camera (Sony α6300, Nikon P310、Nikon D7000)


Born in the mountains of Nagano and raised in a village with a population of less than 1000
Started playing the guitar in the second year of junior high school
After graduating from high school, moved to Tokyo to go to a music vocational school
Band activity until 24 years old (mixture, vocals, songwriting)

2005~ Employed as a dispatched employee in the IT industry
Responsible for system operation and development of major banks
year 2006 Purchase a single-lens reflex camera
Year 2009~ Web director of a major trading company Intra
year 2011~ Employed at an acquaintance's company, in charge of EC / media business
Start playing golf (30 years old)
year 2013 Start surfing (32 years old)
Year 2014 Snowboarding, skateboarding begins
2015~ Web director at a web production company
2017~ Became an in-house SE and general affairs at an acquaintance company, and a representative of a subsidiary
Start crossfit (35 years old)
2018 Bookkeeping Level 3 Acquired
2019 year Bookkeeping 2nd grade / FP3 grade acquisition, also in charge of accounting work