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Igarashi Kanoa style necklace

Silver medalist in the men's surfing competition at the Tokyo Olympics.
Kanoa IgarashiShines on the neckGold necklace
It looks good on tan skin and looks cool!

Kanoa Igarashi

Kanoa Igarashithe player isBorn in California, USARepresenting JapanProfessional surfer
Height 180 cmYes, I'm from America, but my parents areJapanese peopleis.
One of the people who is attracting attention in the surfing world, such as winning the championship tour (CT) for the first time in Asia in 2019.
Tokyo OlympicssoRepresentative of JapanParticipated assilver medalThere may be many people who knew by having won.

It is also one of his trademarks,Gold necklace
I think there are many people who are interested.

Two gold chain necklaces

I tried various things, but since it is not disclosed which brand and which model it isdo not understand
However, when I looked at the photos above, the typeThe following two typesI was able to guess that I was wearing a chain necklace.

Kihei chain necklaceWhenVenetian chain necklace, each about 3mm wide x 55cm long.

Kihei chain necklace

It is a chain that connects rings, and each ring is twisted 90 degrees, so the direction of the rings is the same.

This one will be silverGARNII think Chain 15 and 16 are also good.

It's also not gold, but it's famous for its magnetic necklaces for sports.phitenA chain necklace might also be an ant.

Venetian chain necklace

It is a chain that connects box-shaped parts one by one, and is also called a box chain.

Both are common and standard types of necklace chains.
Since it is a standard product, it is sold by various brands.
The impression changes depending on the width and length of the parts.
I don't know the size of what Kanoa is actually doing, so it's a guess, but each Width 3mm x length 55cm front and backI think it's from

So, what do you think ?