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Burpee -Burpees-

Burpee is a whole-body exercise performed as strength training or aerobic exercise. It consists of 5 steps.

1. Start from a standing position.
2. Place your crouching hand on the ground.
3. Kick the ground with your foot and stretch your foot back. (It's like push-ups, but your legs may or may not open.)
4. Put your legs back and return to a crouched state. (Keep your arms outstretched)
5. Get up from a crouched state. There is also a version that jumps at the same time and applauds once overhead, which is "Bar Pee jumpIs called.

In cross-fit WOD etc.Bar-facing BurpeesYaLateral BaurpeesBurpee Box jump-oversIt is often done in a version that jumps over bars and boxes.

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