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Training that CrossFit

What is CrossFit (CrossFit)? ?

And not followed by a physical strength have been surfing for the first time about a year and a half the cross fit to wear the endurance and strength.
When the talk and doing cross fit, most people such reaction (wry smile)

In Japan, still name recognition is low, but it is a grade that is taken up by the occasional media have been used to entertainers and athletes in training, home in the United States and the world isFitness program that is familiar to many peopleIt is what.

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CrossFit The

The main menu of CrossFit (events / operation)
  1. Weight lifting (barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell)
  2. Gymnastics (gymnastics, the weight-based training)
  3. Aerobic exercise (cardio)
  4. Core training (trunk training)
  5. Others (whole body movement)
Games -CrossFit Games-
  1. Work-out menu of the CrossFit Games OPEN
CrossFit related links
  1. Description and information of CrossFit
  2. A typical WOD of CrossFit (Training menu)
  3. Tool of CrossFit
  4. Celebrity Cross fitter of CrossFit
  5. CrossFit videos

CrossFit The

Weight trainingWhenApparatus GymnasticsWhenThere Sanso sportsA combination of, the improvements of the whole body with the aim "Functional training”で、 毎回異なったトレーニングをHigh strengthFeatures carried out in.

Based on the operation of day-to-day done, training of basic physical strength up and life operation can be realized to become easier.
In the birthplace of the United States has increased the support in the wake of was incorporated into the training of the military and police.

Apt vigor athletes and who was such as American football and rugby,
Although there are many people in the profession to use the body, such as firefighters, police officers,
Ordinary salarymen and OL, managers, self-employed, even housewives are. Foreign residents often.
In addition, travelers who visited Japan in travel often to participate in the drop-in.

If there is a painful and painful image, but there is an image of macho of Muscles are doing, actually and ordinary people, so as to enable a wide range of people from the elderly to the kids, because it is adjusted to a strength to your , it's also a fitness that can be challenged with those who did not come to the sport until now.
Or working hard people there is no physical strength than their own until the end, with or also support from such people who in reverse, with or be exhibited usually more power, there is also the fun of cross fit unique.

Basic1 hour of class systemso,
5-10 minutes aboutWarm-up -Warm up-
15-30 minutesStrength / skill -Strength / Skill-
Finally, on the order of 10-20 minutesWOD
Carried out in the configuration that.

Strength / SkillIn,
Acquisition of confirmation and techniques of basic operation, to and practice that will increase the weight of the weight training.
WODIt called the Woddo stands for Workout of the day and,
The events / training menu of set Align of the operation of cross fit different every day
Determined the total of what round in time, what was asked in the rep number (AMRAP) or if they were Owarase in many minutes many seconds compete (For TIME).

One site summarized the benefits of CrossFit as follows:
It's true that I tend to get bored easily, but I'm able to continue for a long time, so I can nod my head.

7 Benefits of Starting CrossFit

01. Even if "one more time" is a daily routine after the limit is reached
02. Build muscle while burning calories
03 You can also receive counseling to improve your eating habits
04 "Benefits" felt in daily activities
05. Be able to use your power efficiently
06. Lung function improves from running and cycling
07. Effective for heart function

source:"CrossFit" can be continued even by people who get bored easily.

The main menu of CrossFit (events / operation)

Weight lifting (barbell, kettlebell -KB-, dumbbell -DB-)

Gymnastics (gymnastics, the weight-based training)

Aerobic exercise (cardio)

Core training (trunk training)

Others (whole body movement)

Games -CrossFit Games-

クロスフィットは競技としての大会も行なわれていて、 リーボックがスポンサーのクロスフィットゲームスが年に1回開催されています。
To the end of February open "THE OPEN (Open qualifying). "
To the end of the regional "REGIONALS (District game). "
It gathered the top players around the stadium in August "CrossFit Games"World Congress is carried out.
9 At the end of the monthTeam seriesBecause to be held.
> https://games.crossfit.com/games

By the way, 2018 and the overall victory in the CrossFit Games are out the prize money of 300,000 dollars (about 3,380 million)!

openWhenTeam seriesIt is, can participate anyone by paying the entry fee to register to crossfit.com,
In CrossFit Games site on or app, myself compared with people from all over the world are participating in the tournament it is possible to know what place of the one rank.

Work-out menu of the CrossFit Games OPEN

I have put together some menus for the annual CrossFit Games OPEN.

> 2021 Games OPEN workout menu
> 2020 Games OPEN workout menu
> 2019 Games OPEN workout menu
> Work-out menu of the 2018 Games OPEN
> Work-out menu of the 2017 Games OPEN
> Work-out menu of the 2016 Games OPEN

Description and information of CrossFit

> CrossFit -Wikipedia

> List of crossfit gyms (boxes) in Japan

> World of cross fit gym (box) List -crossfit.com

A typical WOD of CrossFit (Training menu)

> The Girls WODs -WODwell
Girls WOD is a typical work-out menu of CrossFit. Why female names (LindaAndCindyToka) comes with, but not cute Te tight w.

> Hero Wods -Crossfit Hardcore
Hero WOD is, work is out menu with the name, such as military personnel, which was martyr during the mission.
Murph -MURPH-It is famous.
One mile (about 1.6km) run,
100 times of the suspension,
200 times of push-ups,
300 times of the squat,
1 mile run of
Training menu called. This Murphy's is so has been doing this work out every morning! ! ! In addition, success in Afghanistan in the Navy SEALs has also become a movie called Lone Survivor.

Tool of CrossFit

> Rogue Fitness (Rogue Fitness USA) - Strength & Conditioning Equipment

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Garage gym courtesy of @srstrouse14 #ryourogue

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> NOBULL – Training Shoes, Apparel and Accessories.

Celebrity Cross fitter of CrossFit

> Matt Fraser (Mat Fraser) -Instagram /-crossfit.com
Male world champion of CrossFit Games 2016,2017,2018
2018, 2017 & 2016 Crossfit Games Champion

> Katrin David Still (Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir) -Instagram /-crossfit.com
Of Iceland 2015, 2016 women world champion
2015 & 2016 Fittest woman on earth from Iceland

> Dave Castro (Dave Castro) -Instagram
Director of the CrossFit Games
The Director of CrossFit Games

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> CrossFit trainer · AYA -Instagram
Nakamura AnneMr. YaHikari MoriMr.,Tao TsuchiyaMr. etc., including the body make-up of the model and actress flutter now, CrossFit trainer draw attention also to the fashionable lifestyle that combines fitness and fashion

> Yuko SAKUYAMA (Yuko Sakuyama) -Instagram /-crossfit.com
2016,2017,2018 women Japan champion
2017 Asia Championships 1位
CrossFit coach

> ShoTadashi true Wu (Shingo Moromasa) -Instagram /-crossfit.com
2016 Asia Championships 1位
176box BeeGrow CrossFit head coach

> Tomohiro Itaya -Instagram /-crossfit.com
2021 Crossfit Games Men(35-39) Division Winners in and out
An annual income of about 20 million yen in his twenties "The man who abandoned the title of an elite trading company man and became the best fitness in Japan "Why did you choose the 'muscle path'?"
"Muscle Road" called CrossFit awakened by Tomohiro Itaya, an elite trading company man

CrossFit videos

NETFLIX can also be viewed have been published or documentary are a number in the (Netflix)!
Betting 1 second 2008 CrossFit Games -NETFLIX
Functional training CrossFit attractive -NETFLIX
Strongest champions -NETFLIX of flow training CrossFit
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