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Double under (double jump of the jump rope) -Double Unders (DU) -

Double under

In CrossFit, "Skipping rope double jump"Double underI call it.
For short"OFIs also written.

I think most Japanese have experienced skipping rope once in elementary school. People who were good at that time can do it relatively smoothly, but those who are not good at that time seem to be difficult.

Double under tips

Jump rope length =

Step on the middle of the sword with one foot,The handle is between the waist and the armpitThe length that comes to is just the right length.
(When I was in elementary school, when I turned the rope, I shortened it until it touched my head.Waist positionwas. That is because it can be turned faster. At that time, I was able to afford triple jumps. )

Lower body =

Bend your knees lightly and fly.
People who are not good at it often have their knees stretched and their bodies in the shape of a dogleg.

Hand position =

Fix the position of your hand around the side of your waist and turn the rope around your wrist.
I feel that people who are not good at it often turn it with their arms. The fulcrum will move up and down, making it difficult.

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