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Pull up (suspension) -Pull Ups-

It refers to a person who hangs on a tall stick and uses the power of his arms, latissimus dorsi, and teres major muscles to raise his body until his chin reaches the height of the stick.

Pull up

・ Spread your hands across your shoulders
・ Hold the bar firmly
・ Start from hanging on the chin-up bar (arms extended)
・ Pull up to the point where the chin crosses the bar
・ Keep your eyes facing forward
・ When getting off, fully extend your arms

Kit ping pull up

Pull-up using the recoil of the whole body

Butterfly pull up

Butterfly pull-up that can handle the number of pull-ups even faster than kipping. It's a movement unique to CrossFit!

L Sit pull up

Chest to Bar -C2B-

Pull-up (suspension) that pulls up until the chest touches the horizontal bar

Strict chest Two bar

Kipping chest Two bar

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