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Totuba -Toes to Bar (T2B) -

It's a movement / event unique to Crossfit.
It is often abbreviated as "T2B", but as the name suggests, it is a movement to hit the "toe" on the "bar" of the horizontal bar.

With your arms extended and hanging from the chin-up bar, bend your trunk and raise until your toes touch the chin-up bar.

Toe To Bar (Toe To Bar, To To Bar)

・ Hands are slightly wider than shoulder width
・ Hold the bar firmly
・ Start from hanging on the chin-up bar (arms extended)
・ Start the swing using your shoulders
・ The arch position and hollow position are repeated alternately.
・ Lift your toes to the bar during hollow position
・ At the same time, push down the bar with your straight arm.
・ Make sure that the toes of both feet touch the bar between the hands.

Knee to elbow

This operation is almost the same as "T2B", but the part to hit is different.
It is a menu that moves like hitting "Knee" to "Elbow".

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