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Study skills of rookie WEB director

And it started to work as WEB director has passed since about a year and a half.
And it was not yet known, is the day-to-day study in the new discoveries are still many state.


The industry basis, because the technology and trends also is early transition,
Also it to study at the outside of work would have been a lot, but I'd like to introduce you to what he is doing.

In this

Somehow, are a lot of that to study reading a book.
And browse the bookstore, library, and read carefully and buy the book.
最近ではタブレットを使って電子書籍を購入して読んだり、Kindle unlimited unlimited readで読んだりもできます。
Book on the web is also helpful because quite certain.

Here are some books that served as a reference

About Design

For Direction


Industry trends (magazine)


In the Web

web業界だから、身近なwebを使って勉強という方が多いですよね。 その中でも、ウェブ漫画が個人的には気に入ってます。

WEB comics you have reference

web marketers pupil season 1 to 5 http://web-tan.forum.impressrd.jp/l/5586
Web marketing of silence http://www.cpi.ad.jp/bourne/
Web writing of silence http://www.cpi.ad.jp/bourne-writing/

Difficult content and, I can touch the first time, those that take a long time still to understand
Approach of comics to more easily approachable even a little is personally happy.
(By the way, but the story will shift, yourself, comics is also e-book school instead of paper. One Piece, we Release Date of the Kingdom wants to one month slower somehow than comic)

If you want to know it is clear, but is nice to see and deep ones that are summarized professionally
It will be for as information in order to widen the vague knowledge.

Actually moving the hand

Finally. But because cram knowledge is the minimum required
Knowledge is not the only and not still used, you will forget.
So, we try to operate to make actually the site for the experiment are also output. (This site is so.)
※ I tried to say the bossy, I just recently resumed (wry smile)

Now, because it is in the study of marketing pro per SEO · Lighting advertising and monetization, I think let's write the future that article When you are ready to output.


So, what do you think ?