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PHP framework studying.


How can a test in operation by creating in PHP management system for in-house,
Given the expansion of the functions such as commercial and in the future,
More, by that Na do I need to be better maintainability and security aspects
It is a study of the current framework.

The first place and framework.

Look at the structure and framework

As the benefits of using the framework,
-By that there is a mechanism of MVC, you can write the process without writing many times the processing similar.
· Ability to use a generic, is already available.
· This could be because, since many people are using is reliable.
Etc.. 'd Better that you can use after all.

Type of PHP framework

There are many types to say a word and framework
Ish not still have something that it may be said that it is the de facto standard.

It's called the three major framework,
Zend FrameworkSymphonyCakePHP
In addition
CodeIgniterFuelPHPSuch as
I'm do not know Can I choose which one to a lot of types.


Although I tried to study FuelPHP by being recommended for a person
It is CakePHP and frustrated and do not know well, it's studying now.
I tried to read, such as this, but although I did not grasp at first not so good
I was easy to understand introduction to dot CakePHP installation.


Short account, and when I made the same way as to match the video a simple blog, in comparison to the direct write PHP
Feeling that seems to put quite clearly.

By the way, why did you choose CakePHP, is a disadvantage of the framework
Acquisition cost is low (a Japanese document is large) and that, proven many, share in Japan is high.
And I ready to use with a simple configuration. Because did not seem to be good terms.

So, what do you think ?