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Method 100-point scale passed the self-taught bookkeeping tertiary

Aiming for Nissho Bookkeeping Level 2
First of allNissho Bookkeeping Level 3TheSelf-studyI studied at the bookkeeping level 3 without any problems.qualifiedI made it.

At first, I was considering going to school, but
Because it was felt likely to go even in the self-taught and you look at the various ways the net
I decided to try it on my own for the time being.

Set a goal first.

I think the pitfall of self-study is how to make study time.
In particular, I am easy on myself, so I tend to give in to other temptations.
Even if you want to do it, you won't be able to do it.

Bookkeeping tertiary study timeAround 60 hoursSince it is said that
Studying 1-2 hours a day is enough for 1-2 months.

I decided to do it thereText ready at the end of Octoberdo it
I'll study little by little, and at the earliest, I'll take the exam in February.
I've started studying, but I'm not making any progress.
Happy to have the text ready. . .

Therefore, when it is time to apply for the exam, for the time beingFebruary exam with no goodI applied to
From there, I thought I had to do it anyway, so it didn't happen every day.
I started studying little by little.

A study method that is easy to remember

ReluctanceIt seems that there are various things in the world,
What I took in
I was told by my bossneurosciencein general,
A method that is easy to rememberwith a study method based on
textbooks and workbooksabout 3 timesDid it.

Even though I say 3 times, I don't mean going through everything from start to finish 3 times,
Make a daily schedule by dividing it into small parts in the table of contents,2nd time next day
1 week after the thirdI made it in a form that can be done in about.

If you want to know more about it,
"Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve"Please check it out.
I think there is a detailed explanation of how the brain forgets and how often you should review it to make it easier to remember.

Is there a scientifically efficient way to do it?
So,memorization tipsbecomeiterative learningI think it was also a win to incorporate the.

Reference article
Hit the tricks and improve your efficiency! Recommended Memorization Method (Eiko Seminar)

Using teaching material

book, text TAC textbooks and exercise books of
Application Bookkeeping Introduction to seen in the comics
In the game feeling to get used to the feeling of the journal
site StudyPro bookkeeping tertiary free learning site
I think this helped me the most. After the textbook-like explanation, there was a problem, so it could be used on a PC or a smartphone, so it was easy to use on the train while moving.
There is a login function, and it is a good site to motivate you to understand the progress somehow! I think that doing it in parallel with the textbook helped me to fix my memory.
I also want bookkeeping 2nd grade, but I wonder if it will be difficult because there is a lot of volume (bitter smile)

I didn't understand the language at first, so it took me a while to understand.
Clearance timesoApp journal issueor,Learning site problemsBy doing
Gradually I came to understand it, and once I understood it, I was able to study almost every day.

And as a finishing touch, a week or two before the examPast problemsI did
I thought I couldn't do all the problem collections, so some from the oldest
I tried to solve it with some feeling from the latest one.
At first, I was around that does not reach the last minute to the 70 points of pass
The last one feels like I can get about 80 points.

3rd and 5th questionsTrial balance creationYaClosing journalIt was difficult at first, but
ProblemsSolve a lotI feel like I got used to it.
After solving to some extent and checking the answers, it is difficult to match the numbers with debits and credits.
Becoming like a sense of puzzle
I thought I was starting to understand.

It's also important to get used to writing letters with a calculator and mechanical pencil.

About Calculator Select

As someone who likes tools, I thought about carrying around with a stylish calculator.
Compact for, but I had thought that Na whether good
When you actually hit the calculator, there are few typing mistakes
To some extentBig calculatorIs actuallyIt was easy to useis.

The calculator Muji had from before
It was easy to use, probably because I'm used to it.
Mini calculatorI bought and tried using it, but although it is convenient to carry,
Or no strike is going to hit
It's hard to see because it can't be angled, so for me to use it for testingNot goodwas.

I didn't use it for this test.
I've never used the memory function of a calculator, but it looks like it would be nice to be able to use it.
Among them, with a calculatorThe best discoveryteeth""or"With the "" button on the PC"Delete" functionthat there was!!
I didn't know (bitter smile)
When I was creating the trial balance table, I made a mistake in the middle of the calculation when I was calculating in a vertical row, and I had to start over from the beginning many times ^^;

For the test day

For me, who lives in Meguro Ward, the university in Shirokane was the venue for the exam.
When I arrived at the nearest station about 30 to 40 minutes before the start of the exam, there was already a line to go to the university.
I should have joined there, so I didn't get lost.

The classroom was a university lecture room, and the desks were wide on the side, which was nice.
In addition to answer sheets and problems, memo sheets are also given out, so
Please make full use of this for questions 3 and 5.

And what's on the deskWriting utensilsWhencalculatorWhenIdentificationOnly.
Writing instrument is only a pencil, pencil, eraser
It seemed that the case of the replacement lead of the mechanical pencil was NG.
Of course, smartphones and smartwatches are also useless.

The test time is 2 hours, but it was possible to leave early if the specified time passed.
I did it carefully and reviewed it, but it was over about 30 minutes ago, so I left.
What surprised me a little was that the answer bulletin had already been distributed outside at that time (laughs)

Next, let's do our best for bookkeeping 2nd grade!
If the reference of the direction which this article is the future challenge to bookkeeping tertiary!

So, what do you think ?