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"MF Cloud Accounting" Receipt Data Journal Import

from browser「手動で仕訳 > 振替伝票入力」I was registering the journal entries, but it takes a lot of time and effort when there is a large amount of work to do.
somehowimportI wonder if it can be done with something like that.

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  1. in conclusion
  2. How to import Excel
  3. Impression

in conclusion

With Money Forward (MF) cloud accounting, the correct answer for cash payment receipts is to create and import Excel data (cash book) instead of manually entering them in the browser.

(For a small amount of journals, browser registration is easier, but if there is a certain amount, I think importing is better.)

How to import Excel

1. Excel template download

左メニューから「会計帳簿 > 仕訳帳」をクリック

「インポート > 現金出納帳」をクリック

You can download a cash book Excel file template from this screen.

2. Input to the Excel file (cash book)

Enter "month" and "day" in the date field, "account code" in the subject field, "description (business partner, transaction details, etc.)" in the summary field, and "payment amount" in the withdrawal field for as many receipts as you have. Masu.
If you have specified a tax class, also select the tax class.
(It's easy to check because there are totals for each subject. Thank you.)

3. Import and check

Once you have created the cash book in Excel file, import it from the screen where you downloaded the file earlier.

Confirm that there are no errors and click "Save" to import it into the journal.

4. Modify if necessary

The credit account is supposed to be "cash," but in my case I wanted it to be "advance payment," so I edited it after importing. (If you have a lot of files, batch editing is a good option.)

The import procedure was easy to understand in the video by MF (Money Forward).


Even if you use cloud accounting software, you can link things with electronic data and automatically enter them to some extent, but there are parts where analog work is absolutely necessary.
MF Cloud Accounting is designed to be easy to operate with browser input, but when there is a large amount of material, it is easier to create data in Excel, so I thought it would be more efficient if I could use Excel import.
If you are looking to improve your business or reduce work time, please give it a try.

So, what do you think ?