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Problems with switching to Ymobile (PayPay charge payment in bulk)


table of contents

  1. in conclusion
  2. Background of changing careers
  3. まとめて支払い(キャリア決済)について

in conclusion

A solution that cannot be charged with PayPay "Pay in bulk"

Obtained when Ymobile openedSoftbank cardを経由してのチャージになるので、Charge your SoftBank card balanceするか、Auto charge settingにしておく必要がある。


Background of changing careers

From "SoftBank" to "Ymobile"

iPhone appearedSoftbankを長年使っていた自分も、この機会にプランの見直しをしてみました。

Initiallyラインモ(LINEMO)へ変更が良いのかなと思ったのですが、自分の使い方だとYmobileの方があっていたので、ワイモバイルのSimple Mプランにしました。(もしかしたらSimple SBut it may not be a problem at the last minute)

From "SoftBank" to "Ymobile"


Softbank Ymobile Collective payment

RheinmoNotYmobileにした理由の一つに、Pay in bulkへの対応がラインモは後日対応となっていたことです。
自分は、Charge to SoftBank cardと、Charge to PayPaysoSoftbank collective payment (carrier payment)Because I was using, it is inconvenient not to be able to use it, so it was better to be able to use it immediately even if I changed trains.

So, when I switched to Ymobile this time,hereI stumbled upon it.

First,Softbank cardWhen switching to YmobileAnother softbank cardChanged to! !! !! !!

Softbank card changed to another card

Also, if you try to charge with PayPay, on the PayPay appUnder maintenanceis. Please try another payment method. Is displayed,
From SB CARDInsufficient charge balanceI got an email saying that I can't charge PayPay! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

Insufficient charge balance


I was worried for a few days because I couldn't find any information like this when I searched.
is this"Bulk payment" can be used via SoftBank cardDoes that mean? I thought
If you go back to the email from SBCARD"We have given a prepaid value equivalent to 200 yen to the charge PASS, so please try charging to PayPay."Was written.



With SoftBank Card AppAuto charge settingAnd
If you specify payment in bulk with PayPay again and charge
It's done!

ちなみに、ワイモバイルへ乗り換えてみて、ネット速度などのI have no complaints.. It is the same as Softbank.

However,My Softbank appCannot be used My Y! Mobile browser versionbecome,Softbank DenkiWhenSoftbank HikariI also have a contract with you, but the price confirmation is My Softbank appI can't do it anymore.
It's a pity that we had to check each website, which made it difficult to use in terms of software.
My Y!mobile Also My Softbank appI would be happy if it would be as easy to use as.

So, what do you think ?