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Problems with switching to Ymobile (PayPay charge payment in bulk)

The other day, a mobile carrierSoftbankFromY! MobileChanged to.
At that time, although there were some problems, there were some problems that were solved, so make a note of them.

table of contents

  1. in conclusion
  2. Background of changing careers
  3. Collective payment (carrier payment)

in conclusion

A solution that cannot be charged with PayPay "Pay in bulk"

Obtained when Ymobile openedSoftbank cardBecause it will be charged viaCharge your SoftBank card balanceOr,Auto charge settingIt is necessary to keep it.

Softbank card auto charge setting, PayPay collective payment charge

Background of changing careers

From "SoftBank" to "Ymobile"

The reduction of mobile phone charges of major carriers became a hot topic a while ago.
It was often featured in the news, such as ahamo, povo, and LINEMO.
iPhone appearedSoftbankI used to use it for many years, but I took this opportunity to review the plan.

InitiallyLINEMOI thought it would be better to change to, but if it was my own usageYmobileBecause there was a person from YmobileSimple MI made a plan. (MaybeSimple SBut it may not be a problem at the last minute)

From "SoftBank" to "Ymobile"

Collective payment (carrier payment)

Softbank Ymobile Collective payment

RheinmoNotYmobileOne of the reasons I chosePay in bulkReinmo was able to respond to this at a later date.
(Since the service started, Linemo has been gradually improving the service content, so I think that I can do what I need soon. The most decisive factor is the cost, there are many set discounts that can be used, and in my case, COSPA is it was good.)
I amCharge to SoftBank cardWhen,Charge to PayPaysoSoftbank collective payment (carrier payment)Because I was using, it is inconvenient not to be able to use it, so it was better to be able to use it immediately even if I changed trains.

So, when I switched to Ymobile this time,hereI stumbled upon it.

First,Softbank cardWhen switching to YmobileAnother softbank cardChanged to! !! !! !!

Softbank card changed to another card

Also, if you try to charge with PayPay, on the PayPay appUnder maintenanceis. Please try another payment method. Is displayed,
From SB CARDInsufficient charge balanceI got an email saying that I can't charge PayPay! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

Insufficient charge balance


I was worried for a few days because I couldn't find any information like this when I searched.
is this"Bulk payment" can be used via SoftBank cardDoes that mean? I thought
If you go back to the email from SBCARD"We have given a prepaid value equivalent to 200 yen to the charge PASS, so please try charging to PayPay."Was written.

We have presented a prepaid value equivalent to 200 yen to the charge PASS, so please try charging to PayPay.

Oh, this is it.
I completely overlooked it.

However, I had used the SBCARD for 200 yen separately.
With SoftBank Card AppAuto charge settingAnd
If you specify payment in bulk with PayPay again and charge
It's done!

By the way, try switching to Ymobile, such as net speed, etc.I have no complaints.. It is the same as Softbank.

However,My Softbank appCannot be used My Y! Mobile browser versionbecome,Softbank DenkiWhenSoftbank HikariI also have a contract with you, but the price confirmation is My Softbank appI can't do it anymore.
It's a pity that we had to check each website, which made it difficult to use in terms of software.
My Y!mobile Also My Softbank appI would be happy if it would be as easy to use as.

From November 2022, the My SoftBank app is compatible with Y!mobile!

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So, what do you think ?