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Try using the 2in1 tablet "Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook" for half a year

Recently, chromebooks that are often seen in commercials and magazines.
I had the image of a PC that was cheap but not very usable, but I would like to write about what I felt after purchasing it in November 2020 and using it as a plaything for about half a year.
I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Duet that can be used as a tablet by removing the keyboard. It's similar to a Surface Go 2 or iPad with a keyboard.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

table of contents

  1. Good points to use (merits)
  2. Bad points to use (disadvantages)
  3. How to use / use apps
  4. Spec comparison with iPad

Good points to use (merits)

・ Cospa is good
・ No problem if you are a light user or a sub user
・ Although it is cheap, a keyboard and a cover with a kickstand are standard equipment.
・ Lighter than iPad if only the main body
・ If you connect an external display, you can do most of the work (if you use a browser)

Bad points to use (disadvantages)

・ Some apps cannot be used.
The "d magazine" app is down(chromeでみれるけど→2022年3月は使えるようになってます。)
Can I use the "Notion" app if I remove the keyboard?
The "COD Mobile" app was usable until a while ago, but it seems that it can no longer be used.
-Sometimes the display of the website for PC is out of the display.
(For sites that are not aware of tablet size)
・ If you want to place it vertically, you need a separate stand.
・ The cover with kickstand is unexpectedly heavy

How to use / use apps

Instead of the android tablet I have been using so far, I mainly read manga and magazines with e-books.
After that, I watch videos on YouTube, and sometimes I connect to the main PC (iMac) with Chrome Remote Desktop to check work files and input to spreadsheets.
You can also write blog articles with the chrome browser without any problems.
Since it is a chrome OS, it can be used as a PC, but since it is light if it is only the main body, I often use it as a tablet.

あと、apple pencil に憧れて、レノボのUSIペンも買ってみたけど、自分にはあまり必要ないかもなって感じです。書きごごちとかよいけど、使う機会があまりないです。アプリ次第かな?メモとかにいいかなと思ったんだけど、今のところは出番少ないです。
ちなみにレノボのUSIペンですが、画面に触れる前に書けてしまう不具合があり、なんかおかしいなと思ったら、あとづけでideapad duetは非対応と注意書きが入り、ideapad duet用が発売されたようです(苦笑)


The apps I mainly use

E-books • Manga • Magazines

– dマガジン(アプリ落ちるのでChomeブラウザで)
– Kindle
– General bookstore honto
– LINE Manga
– All-you-can-read premium (Viewn)
ebookjapan ←オススメです。


– YouTube
– Netflix
- Prime Video
– TVer


– Chrome
– Amazon Music
– Notion
- Spreadsheet
– Gmail
– Imaging Edge Mobile
(ソニーのデジタル一眼カメラでなんちゃってテザー撮影、カメラのSmart remote controlアプリを使って)

Spec comparison with iPad

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

display: 10.1 inches (1920 x 1200)
weight: 944g (main unit 461g, keyboard 261g, cover 222g [measured value])
size: Width 239.8mm x Height 7.35mm x Depth 159.8mm
YOU: Chrome OS
interface: USB2.0 Type-C
processor: MediaTek Helio P60T (2GHz 8 cores)
memory: 4GB
model: Amazon only Direct sales model
storage: 64GB 128GB
price: 38,166 yen 44,880 yen

iPad (8th generation)

display: 10.2 inches (2160 x 1620)
weight: 490g
size: Width 174.1mm x Height 7.5mm x Depth 250.6mm
YOU: iPad OS
interface: Lightning connector
processor: A12 Bionic (2.5GHz 6 cores)
storage: 32GB 128GB
price: 38,280 yen 49,280 yen

本当はiPadがほしいなーと思っていたけど、自分の用途であれば Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook でも十分かなと思いました。
I was really worried, but if you are not a person who can only use apps that can be used only on the iPad OS, the clean screen, and the operability peculiar to Apple, I think that this is a good cost performance and looks good, so I thought I should buy it. I will.

In March 2021, a similar terminal that became a rival was released by ASUS!
The "ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3" can be placed vertically with the standard cover, and a stylus pen is also set (can be stored in the main body).
IdeaPad Duetを買う前だと、かなり悩む選択肢になっていたと思います。メモリ4GB、ストレージ64/128GBとスペックも同じで、ディスプレイは10.5インチ。

So, what do you think ?