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Easy wall-mounted TV with easy DIY

The other day, I challenged my long-awaited wall-mounted TV.
Due to the influence of the new corona, I spent more time at home,
There was a timing to replace the TV in the living room!

How to make a wall-mounted TV without making holes in the wall

Many people want to hang their TV on the wall, but they can't because they're renting.

・I can't pierce a wall for rent
・No screws on the wall

こういう理由で壁掛けTVはあきらめがちですが DIYでできる方法がありました。

wood(2X4 material) andLove Rico(Dear Wall, etc.).
I also considered a wall-mounted stand, but since I had time, I chose this method this time.

Completion drawing of wall TV

I installed a 55 inch TV.
I was worried about the strength, but the installation was completed without any problems!
I think it's tilted a little. . (bitter smile)
Well, okay.

Here are the materials. ↓

Purchased material

Depending on how much work you do yourself, the price and work time will change.
I tried to find a way to make it as simple as possible and at a reasonable price.
For wood, I used an online shop that handles painting and cutting.

■Total amount of about 12,000 yen

・ 2 x 4 materials (painting, cutting, shipping included) x 2 pieces 5640 yen

・Labrico x2 set 2160 yen

・TV wall hangings 3980 yen

Additional purchase

・Washers and screws

*The screws that came with the TV wall bracket were too long and would break through the wood, so I had to go to a nearby home center and purchase additional screws to adjust the length to match the thickness of the 2x4 wood while I was working on it. bottom.

·electric drill

*Used to drill pilot holes in wood. It didn't work well because the torque was weak or the pilot hole was small, so I used a screwdriver to tighten the screw.

・Cable bundle spiral tube

※Because mess of cables was conspicuous when we hung wall hangings of TV, we purchase more at a later date.



(1).Measure the height of the place where the pillar will be installed.
(2).According to Labrico's manual, order lumber with the length minus the specified value.
In my case, the floor to ceiling (beam part to be installed) was 2000mm (2m), so I had it cut to 1905mm, which is 95mm shorter.

2. Assembly

(1).Stand up the 2x4 material with Lubrico on both ends and fix it lightly.
A photo of a pillar with Labrico on top and bottom
(2).Determine where to install the metal fittings, and mark with a pen where to drill pilot holes.
(3).Drill a pilot hole.
(4).Use wood screws to attach the bracket to the pillar. (Fixed in 4 places on the top and 2 places on the bottom.)
Photo with metal fittings attached to the pillar 6 screws
Photo with metal fittings attached to the pillar
(5).Install the bracket with the screws supplied with the TV.
(6).Install the TV by hanging it on the wall bracket.
The photo below shows a temporary installation of a 32-inch TV in the bedroom.
Photo with a 32-inch TV installed
(7).Complete after fine-tuning

The TV at home broke down, so I replaced the 40-inch TV with a 55-inch TV.
A big screen is nice. Also, it's pretty convenient to be able to watch NETFLIX, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video on the TV alone.
It was about 100,000 yen. It's just about the same as the special fixed benefit for the new corona ^^
I haven't entered yet (bitter smile)

So, what do you think ?