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Way to eliminate fluorescent lamps flicker the (flicker) in GoPro6

GoPro the (Gopuro) when taken in the room, the video is I have to flickering in because it was under the light of a fluorescent lamp.
When you touch the GoPro in the cult work, leave a note so it took a little time to resolve in trouble.

Why flicker (flicker) occurs

Phenomenon of the flickering meant that flicker, fluorescent lamp so it is a mechanism that shines flashing, it seems there is a thing that happens to affect.
Then, the flashing is not involved with the frequency Hz of power (Hz), in the case of the Great East Japan but it is what the power of the frequency 50Hz,
In the initial set of GoPro, so the frame rate is 60fps, it seems to flicker is noticeable in the difference.

West is okay at 60Hz, so the frame rate 60fps and 120fps
East is necessary to 50Hz, so a total of 50fps and 100fps
It seems to be that.

How it does so set of GoPro is?

The solution is I was found, but little had a hard time to find how to set up.
See setting the frame rate fps when 60 and 120, but which does not come out is essential in 50 and 100.

To Check out the specs at the fps there is a description of 50 and 100.
Why. . .

I was influence is that "the video output format" to it.
The "video output format" Japan, and the like in are mainly used America "NTCS"
There two types of "PAL" which is mainly used in Europe
NTCS is "60fps", PAL is was like because they decided the "50fps".
The initial set of GoPro is like that did not appear in "NTCS" So 50fps and 100fps.


So as a conclusion
When the video shot by GoPro under fluorescent lighting in the East
Video output format "PAL"The variedThe frame rate (fps) "50" and "100"And to then I'll
I felt I can prevent the flicker case of their environment.

Please be when the flicker occurs is to try to reference.

So, what do you think ?