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How to set Chrome Remote Desktop to not go "offline" on mac OS

I recently updated the iMac I use at work for the first time in about 10 years.Model changeDid.
Sometimes from my home PC or smartphone, "Chrome remote desktop'', I use it by connecting remotely to my company's iMac, but when I change the model,I can't connectSo I'll write down the solution.
The conclusion is that the iMac goes to "sleep" and "off-line”, soSettings that do not go to sleepAfter doing that, it was resolved.

table of contents

  • Prerequisites
  • Cause of being offline
  • Solution
  • Prerequisites

    The connection destination (host PC) is "mac OS"

    This is the condition that I am using "Chrome Remote Desktop".

    Host PC (connection destination):Mac OS
    Client PC (connection source):iPhone, Windows PC, chromebook, etc.

    However, if the offline status is due to the computer going to sleep, you may be able to resolve the issue by reviewing the same settings on another OS such as Windows.

    Cause of being offline

    The PC was in sleep mode

    When I changed the model, I was able to "restore from backup" and carry over the "Chrome Remote Desktop" settings as they were.
    Also, during setup, the OS provided instructions for settings such as accessibility, so I was able to configure them so that I could use remote desktop.

    Manual setting is required to change the automatic sleep setting

    However, it seems that the sleep setting of the main unit was not carried over, and it went to sleep after a certain period of time according to the default setting, and when I tried to connect from my home PC, Chrome Remote Desktop displayed "off-line” and was unable to connect.


    Change settings so that the PC does not automatically go to "sleep"

    You can change the automatic sleep setting from System Preferences.

    For desktop
    Apple mark > Select “System Preferences” and select “Energy Saver”

    For notebooks
    Apple mark > Select "System Preferences" and select "Battery"

    so"Don't put your computer to sleep automatically when the display is off” is checked.

    This solved it.
    Other,"Time until display turns off:"of"do not” seems to be the same.

    Resolved and now online.

    As a side note, the latest model (probably the last Intel 27-inch iMac) is smooth and comfortable.
    After the migration work, there will be some things that will need to be reconfigured, which will cause some trouble, but so far there have been no major issues, so I'm very satisfied.
    One thing I'm concerned about is that I'm using Windows with the VM software (VirtualBox), and that part doesn't work on the latest OS or M1mac (bitter smile). I wonder if it will work out eventually?

    So, what do you think ?