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Apex Legends is now available on Chromebooks

Chromebookbut,GeForce NOW If you use the cloud gaming environmentAPEX LEGENDS YaFORTNITE You can play popular Batrois games such as.

Not just ChromebooksmacOS deploymentのmacbook(マックブック)やiMac(アイマック)、iOS搭載 のiPhone, with iPadOSiPadBut you can play fortnite.
I haven't tried it myself, but it seems that I can do it on my smartphone. (Do you need a controller?)

table of contents

  1. How specifically?
  2. important point
  3. Impression

How specifically?

In Chrome browserGeForce NOWYou can play by logging in to My Page.
GeForce NOW powered by SoftBank has two price plans, which are limited.freeYou can play with.


※「GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank」は2024年3月で提供終了となるようです。
2024年春からNVIDIA が日本で GeForce NOW を運用するようですね。 https://www.nvidia.com/ja-jp/geforce-now/japan-notify-me/

Enter your email address etc.Member registrationThen follow the instructions to register on My Page.
(If you bookmark the login screen in Chrome, you can log in smoothly from the next time.)

Search for the game you are looking for from the search window and press the "Play" button to download and play the game.
At that time,FortniteIf「Epic Games」ApexIf「Origin」Or「Steam」ofCreate an accountYou need to sign in. (If you already have an account, you can sign in.)

important point

By the time you start the gameThe stumbled partI made a note of it.

Entering symbols

When registering for GeForce NOW, you will be required to enter your email address and password, but the keyboard settings are"Japanese keyboard"Not"US keyboard"It seems that it is, and the arrangement of the symbols is different, so it is necessary to confirm the input contents.

for example"@"or"_"Etc. is written on the keyboardDifferent keyIs assigned to. I didn't intend to enter it as usual, soTo confirmis.

Symbol key comparison of Japanese keyboard layout Symbol key comparison of US keyboard layout

Key assignment settings

Also, I'm using it Chromebook Lenovo IdeaPad Duet So, some in-game settingsKey assignmentHad to change.

When using the Chromebook keyboard and trackpad, the key arrangement such as the "Control" button is slightly different from the mac, or the mouse"Wheel button"Because there is noAssign another buttonI needed to.

Also, of the mouse"right click"It was hard to press at first, so another button may be better.

Internet environment

Since it uses a cloud gaming environment, the specifications of the terminal are not required so much, but it seems that the internet environment will be important.
Communication speed of 15 Mbps or more (recommended 25 Mbps)Was a system requirement.


What you can do for free on your device is ○

I don't have a Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, soSmartphone (iPhone)soCoD MobileYaPUBGOccasionally. So, when you want to play a game even on a slightly larger screen,ChromebooksoPC gamesIt's nice to be able to enjoy!

For those who play games seriously, I think that a PC dedicated to games is better, but like myselfLight userIt is a high hurdle to have a gaming PC, so I am happy that I can do it with my terminal.

However, keyboards and trackpads are difficult, soPS4 controllerI'm wondering if I should buy it.

So, what do you think ?