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Epson printer "waste ink absorption pad replacement" and "error release" procedure

Procedure for clearing the error and replacing pads

Target audience

For those who are using Epson printers and are having trouble with the error message "The capacity of the waste ink absorption pad has exceeded", here is a DIY method for "replacing the waste ink absorption pad" and "resolving the error". I'll leave it to you.

Types of EPSON printers

release date:September 2015
Repair response deadline:August 2021

The model I am using is listed above, but you can probably replace the pads and clear the error on the models below using the same procedure.

EP-306、 EP-706A、EP-707A、EP-708A、EP-709A、 EP-775A、EP-776A、EP-777A、EP-805A、EP-806A、EP-807A、EP-808A、EP905A、EP-905F、EP-906F、EP-907F RP-10VA、 EP-976A3、EP-977A3、EP-978A3、EP-979A3、 EP-801A、EP-802A、EP-803A、EP-804A、EP-901A、EP-901F、EP-902A、EP-903A、EP-903F、EP-904A、EP-904F、 PX-045A、PX-046A、PX-047A、PX-048A、PX-049A、PX-404A、PX-405A、PX-434A、PX-435A、PX-436A、PX-437A

1. Replacing the waste ink absorption pad

・Purchase "Waste Ink Absorber General-purpose Compatible Product" on Amazon etc.
・Remove and replace the absorbent pad according to the replacement manual.
(Since the manual and pad cutting guide were included, I was able to work without hesitation.)


2. Error cancellation

・Download the warning reset tool.
- On a Windows terminal, connect the printer via USB and run the warning reset tool.
(In my case, it didn't work with a WiFi connection.)
*Some people sell warning reset tools on Amazon etc., but you can get them for free from the Epson website below.

"Explanation, confirmation, and understanding of the waste ink absorption pad warning reset tool"

In my case, I was able to use the printer successfully with these steps.

However, this reset tool could only be used once.
Also in the official website description

"This is a tool that allows you to temporarily release a one-time stoppage due to an error."
There is a description.
I tried to use the same method when the error occurred the second time, but I was unable to reset the warning, so I had to buy a new printer, so please use this as a reference. (This may be because the waste ink absorber was not replaced.)
It worked normally for 2-3 months after I replaced it, but unfortunately I decided to buy a new one.


I am using an Epson printer.
After using it for about 4 or 5 years, the pad that absorbs waste ink seems to exceed its capacity.
Once, an error message saying "Please replace the waste ink absorption pad" was displayed from the main unit.
At that time, a button that looked like ``OK'' or ``OK'' was displayed, and I was able to use it as is by pressing it.

However, after using it for a few weeks, one day it suddenly stopped working and displayed an error message.
There are no buttons such as "OK" displayed, so it doesn't work even if I turn the power back on.

I received a message that said, "Please contact an Epson repair center for replacement."
I tried looking into it, but it seems like it's no longer supported and I can't do anything about it.

At a loss, I investigated further and found that I purchased a kit sold on Amazon etc.
It seemed like it could be done with DIY, so I tried it without any problems.

The kit includes instructions on how to remove the absorbent pad.
There was also a template for each model of how to cut the pads.
Using that as a reference, I cut it with scissors and was able to replace the pad without any problems.
(The padding is quite firm, so it is better to use sharp scissors.)

Resetting the printer took a little time.
The error message does not disappear even if the pads are replaced.
Download the Reset Tool from the Epson website.
I had to run it on Windows.

To use the reset tool, I also needed to register on a site called My EPSON.
In addition to the model number, you will also need the serial number. The serial number is written on the sticker on the main unit.
You also need to register your address, etc., which takes several minutes.

In my case, the tool did not work properly when connected to WiFi due to a communication error.
I connected it via wire (USB) and managed to reset it.

So, what do you think ?