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Roughly explain how to make money with DeFi (PancakeSwap, Uniswap V3 – Polygon)

As an extension of studying asset management and money,Virtual currency, crypto assets, crypto, blockchain, web3に興味をもち、 Web業界にいたこともある自分としては、そんな新しいテクノロジーが気になってました。

Can invest and manage virtual currencyDeFi・DEX・AMMIn order to provide useful information for those interested in

DeFiI'd like to try using it, but I can't quite figure out where to start.
I did a lot of research, and even though I was hesitant, I managed to get started, so I'm going to put together a little bit of information with my notes.
FinallyCurrent performanceI'll also make a few notes.
The yield (APR) is about 10% by investing in solid stocks.

There are a lot of technical terms, most of it is in English, and there are many parts that are difficult to understand, so let's start withRoughly

table of contents

  1. How DeFi operates
  2. What project do you use?
  3. Current investment performance
  4. Summary

How DeFi operates

Crypto assets (virtual currency)Investment/asset managementcanfinancial systemso
mainlyTwo types of virtual currencies/tokensby providing liquidity by depositing
Fee rewardYou can receive
Exchange crypto assets (virtual currencies)Swap function feeis the mainsource of incomeIt will be.
I think that many people who are interested in DeFi do so because they want to increase their profits by investing and managing cryptocurrencies, rather than simply making money from the profits from buying and selling virtual currencies.

Main things you can do with DeFi

 Currency Exchange/Exchange (Swap)
Investment/asset management (farming, staking)

What to prepare to use DeFi

 Crypto assets and accounts (domestic exchanges, overseas exchanges)
 Virtual currency wallet (Metamask)

To keep it very simple, that's it.
You can do it with just your smartphone, butPCI recommend using , as it's easier to do.

Then, depending on the DeFi project (protocol?) you want to use.
Prepare the necessary crypto assets (virtual currency) in your wallet,
Connect your wallet to the site and do what you need to do.
You can start investing and managing crypto assets (virtual currency).

By the way, there are so many types and numbers of DeFi projects.
You will need to know about this.

What project do you use?

I have two famous "Pancake Swap PancakeSwap"When
Uniswap V3 (Polygon) Uniswap V3” I started.

I would like to write a separate article about each, but
I chose these two becauselow feesIt's from!

If you want to try it out, it's expensive.Gas Feeis deadly.
When I first learned about DeFi,
famousUniswap (Ethereum)I want to touch it, but
If you don't have enough money because the fee is highloss of feesThen I read it in an article somewhere.
It seems to be a bit difficult unless you have at least 1 million yen (bitter smile).

Then I researched and found
These twoFunds less than 10,000 yenIt begins with.
Regarding Polygon Uniswap, you can start with around 500 yen.

Worried about your gas bill?

For reference, at the current rate as of August 2022.Fee (gas fee)It is
pancake swapis per transaction"A few tens of yen to 100 yen"
Polygon Uniswapper transactionAbout "a few coins to 1 yen"is.

DeFi project on the Ethereum chainWhen I
in one transaction"A few hundred yen to 5,000 yen"Because it seems to be the gas price of
It is important which network DeFi you use.
Especially if you have low funds.

Pancake Swap

networkBSC (Binance Smart Chain)
virtual currency usedBNB

When you hear about DeFi, the first thing you often see is information.famous project
There is a lot of Japanese information on the internet, soeasy to startI think.
The characters are cute and you can relate to them.
However, because it is multifunctional,a little confusingSo you need to be careful.

Basically, you can invest and operate in the following three ways.

  • 「トレード > 流動性」Add liquidity (deposit two types of tokens)
      [Fee Reward] Earn 0.17% transaction fee → Tokens will be automatically added to the liquidity pool
  • 「獲得 > ファーム」 LP tokenDeposit (can be obtained by adding liquidity)
      [Governance reward] Earn CAKE
  • 「獲得 > プール」to the Syrup poolCAKEto deposit
      [Governance reward] Earn CAKE

In addition to farming and swap functions, we provide a variety of services such as NFT market, lottery/team battle, IFO, voting, etc. mainly using our own token CAKE.
I think intermediate users and above who are accustomed to normal operations will be able to enjoy DeFi-related services more by using nearby services.
Beginners may find it difficult to understand these functions.

Uniswap V3 (Uniswap V3)

virtual currency usedMATIC

*Uniswap V3 itself allows you to choose from multiple networks, but in my case I used the Polygon chain considering gas costs.
規模はイーサリアムが一番大きいです。(Ethereum > Polygon > Arbitrum > Optimism)

very much in DeFibig and famous projectsis.
It started in November 2018 and many people are using it.
Initially, there was only the Ethereum chain, but the new version has changed,multiple chainsIt is now available at.
very simpleSo I thought it would be easy to use if I could get used to it.
On the other hand, because of its simple design, I found it difficult and difficult to get used to at first.
However, I think Polygon Chain's Uniswap is good for beginners to try out because it has minimal and simple functions and gas prices are cheap. I feel that.

Basically, you can invest and operate in the following ways.

  • "Pool" Add liquidity (deposit 2 types of tokens)
      [Fees Reward] Earn deposited tokens as a reward

(Aside) I used Polygon to obtain NFT for the Crypto Literacy Test, so I also tried Uniswap V3.
There is a minimum amount to send MATIC from Binance, and I transferred about 500 yen to pay for a few yen of gas.
The fees are low, so you'll probably get your money back quickly.
Also, Uniswap V3 is currently a hot topic as it adds liquidity to the pool.NFTIt's nice to be ☆

Current investment performance

this time+271 yen, almost a ton(It will change considerably depending on the price fluctuation of crypto assets.)
Deposit amount 16,000 yen(Deposit 8,000 yen at the end of January 2022 and 8,000 yen at the end of June 2022)

Deposit amount16,000 yen
Operation results16,271 yen (+1.6%)


in wallet1,240 yen
pancake swap14,442 yen (earnable amount 77.29 yen)
Uniswap588 yen (Earnable amount: 3.87 yen)

If it's my way, it's usuallyYield (APR) around 10%is.
Not much adventure, mainlyUSD stablecoinor,Major coins (core tokens used for gas fees, etc.)Because it's based on.
Of course, if you use minor altcoins etc., you can use DeFi.high yieldAlthough it is possible to aim forrisk is highSo, I haven't touched it myself.
prudentSomething (lol)
Having said that, stock investment has a yield of about 5%, so a 10% yield is plenty if you stick with it!

↓Current price of key tokens and CAKE used for gas bills

↓Current price of USD stablecoin

I use my blog affiliate income to fund my war.
Send the Japanese yen to Defi using the route below.

For pancake swap

At domestic exchanges (BitFlyer, etc.)XPR (Ripple)buy the
→ Transfer money to Binance (overseas exchange),BNBconvert to
→ Send money to Metamask
→ connect to pancake swap

Although I do use some gas money for currency exchange, remittance fees, and operations within Defi, the current appraised value is about the same as the deposit amount.

If you convert this back to Japanese yen, the gas fee and fees will be negative, so
If you want to convert it into cash, it will be necessary to add the various fees.
However, I have no plans to turn it into cash yet.

Next time I get some military funds, I'm thinking of adding more to Uniswap.

How to check virtual currency (crypto assets) operation status

DeBank https://debank.com/

zap https://zapper.fi/

Although I manage the operational status in a spreadsheet myself, I recommend using the crypto asset management app mentioned above as it allows you to easily check it.
Just by connecting MetaMask, you can check the list of assets, transaction history, etc.


DeFi is still a new financial system. Trends change quickly, so it's important to get the latest information.
Finally, I will introduce the exchanges that I use.
If you haven't opened an exchange yet, if you use the referral code (invitation ID), compared to registering from the site normally, I think you can register at a great price because of the benefits.

Domestic virtual currency exchange

YourselfbitFlyerI'm using
With BitFlyer, the Ripple (XPR) remittance fee is free and you can save virtual currency with a small amount, so I use it as my main.
We have also started handling polygons (MATIC)! (I hope the remittance fees will be easier.)


Overseas virtual currency exchange

YourselfBinanceI'm using
I use it to purchase tokens (such as BNB) that are not available on domestic exchanges.

BINANCE Invitation ID (10% off fees)

Hospitality ID: L9MPSZPW
transaction feehas been for a long time10% offwill be!

cryptocurrency wallet

i have a software walletMetaMaskI'm using
I use Chrome's browser extension on my PC and the app version on my iPhone.

Investing is your responsibility. In addition to the risk of price fluctuations, crypto assets (virtual currencies) also have the risk of being deceived and stolen, or losing crypto assets due to operational errors, so please do your own research before investing.


So, what do you think ?