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[For beginners] How to earn cryptocurrency BAT with Brave browser

Hello!Brave browserUse the crypto asset BAT (Basic Attention Token)how to earnI would like to introduce about.

Even beginners can easily earn crypto assets just by surfing the internet, just by surfing the internet, so please give it a try!

The Brave browser emphasizes user privacy regarding advertisements and has a system that rewards users for showing advertisements. This reward is for crypto assets that can be used within the Brave browser.BATwill be paid in

Current price of BAT (Basic Attention Token)

table of contents

  1. Settings for earning money
  2. How to earn BAT
  3. BAT acquisition results released
  4. actually. . .

Follow the steps below to earn BAT using the Brave browser.

Settings for earning money

1. BitFlyer account registration

Within JapanTo receive BAT earned from Brave Rewards onBit flyeryou need to use

If you don't have a BitFlyer account yet, you can open one for free, so if you'd like, please try opening one using the image link below.


2. Download and install Brave browser.

If you want to earn virtual currency, install it on macOS, Windows, or Android. *Please note that BAT cannot be earned on the iOS version.


3.Enable Brave Rewards.

Open the Brave browser, click the three lines in the top right corner, and select "Settings."
Then click "Brave Rewards" and turn on "Enable Brave Rewards."
We recommend that you set the maximum number of ads to be displayed to 10 ads per hour.

4. Connect to your BitFlyer account.

Connect to your BitFlyer account from the Brave Rewards screen.
The connection will be disconnected periodically, so please check it at the beginning of the month and reconnect if the connection is disconnected.

How to earn BAT

1. Watch advertisements.

If you enable Brave Rewards, you will see ads for the Brave browser.
You can earn BAT by watching ads.

There are three types of advertisements:
1. Background type advertisement (display)
2.Pop-up advertisement (click)
3. Article type advertisement (click)

2. Register as a certified creator.

By becoming a verified creator, you can recommend your website, Twitter, or YouTube to users of the Brave browser.
When a user views their website or channel, verified creators can receive BAT as compensation for that view.

Receive Brave rewards.

BAT earned through the Brave browser will be automatically paid out as Brave Rewards around the 10th of every month. Payments will be sent to your BitFlyer account.

Use the acquired BAT.

The acquired BAT can be used for tips (donations, coins, etc.) on the Brave browser.
It is also possible to exchange it for other crypto assets or Japanese yen at crypto asset exchanges such as BitFlyer.
However, there are risks involved in crypto asset trading, so invest at your own risk.

BAT acquisition results released

Finally, the author1 year(March 2022 - February 2023), we will show you the amount earned using the Brave browser.

In a year,31.8276628 BAT, at the rate at the time of writing approx.1,111 yenis.

Current price of BAT (Basic Attention Token)

1 year BAT acquisition details

2022/3/90.25 BAT
2022/4/80.625 BAT
2022/4/15 (chip received)0.75 BAT
2022/5/120.39699999 BAT
2022/7/100.41449999 BAT
2022/8/60.30249999 BAT
2022/9/80.25 BAT
2022/9/15 (Tip received)0.2375 BAT
2022/10/116.76735305 BAT
2022/11/106.111676 BAT
2022/11/16 (Tip received)0.2375 BAT
2022/12/95.21606003 BAT
2022/12/17 (Tip received)0.25 BAT
2023/1/76.88256453 BAT
2023/1/18 (chip received)1.9 BAT
2023/2/81.23600922 BAT

I didn't receive it in June, probably because the settings were missing.
Also, from October to January, I received a lot of BAT probably because there were a lot of advertisements.
The reason I'm able to earn it twice a month is because I get tips as a certified creator.
Brave rewards are given around the 10th of every month, and it seems that they are given if you receive tips around the 15th.
I think it also depends on how often you use it.

This is an overview of how to earn crypto asset BAT with Brave browser.
The Brave browser is a browser recommended for beginners in crypto assets as it allows you to earn BAT by displaying privacy-friendly advertisements.

actually. . .

Actually, this blog article was based on ChatGPT, a popular AI chat service.
The original text of ChatGPT is as shown in the tweet image.
It is interesting!


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