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Pancake Swap V3 changes and notes (price range setting)

In this article, I will explain what PancakeSwap has changed in V3 and what you need to be careful about.

・The efficiency of staking has increased, and the reward has increased depending on the method.
・Be careful when setting the PRICE RANGE (upper and lower limits of price).

I would appreciate it if you could join me until the end.

Version 3 (V3) of PancakeSwap was launched on April 3, 2023.

Changes in Pancake Swap V3

Major changes are as follows
In short, the swap fee becomes cheaper,
You can get higher staking rewards.

・The transaction fee has been changed to 4 types. (Uniform 0.25% → 0.01%, 0.05%, 0.25%, 1%)
・It is now possible to set a price range when providing liquidity, improving capital efficiency.

・The appearance (UI/UX) has also been upgraded to make it easier to use.

However, when I actually touched it, there were some points that bothered me.

Notes on Pancake Swap V3

Setting the price range (PRICE RANGE)

Similar to Uniswap V3 (Uniswap V3) when providing liquidity
You can now set price ranges (upper and lower limits).

It is also possible to add liquidity with the default range setting
For pairs with large price fluctuations, the price will fall out of the range.
You may end up losing money, so be careful.

In my case, I farm with 3 pairs
CAKE-BNBWhenCAKE-BUSDwas able to farm without problems with the default range settings.
BNB-BUSDPairs only went out of range quickly with default settings.
So, now I can set the upper and lower limits to a wide range, and farming can be done without any problems.

The narrower the range, the higher the staking reward,
If you go out of the range, you will not earn.
If you widen the range, the staking reward will decrease, so
You will need to find out which range is just right and set it.

Since the range changes depending on the currency pair,
People who touch DeFi for the first time may find it difficult.

If the price difference does not move much, such as a pair of stablecoins, it seems that there is no problem even if the range is narrowed, but if that is not the case, it seems better to widen the range to some extent. .

Expectations for new functions to be introduced in the future

It seems that a price range adjustment function called "v3 position manager" will be introduced, so if this function is introduced, the above points may not be necessary to worry about.

Position Manager was released at the end of October 2023.
Instead of depositing a currency pair, you can use it by depositing one currency.

for example,WBNB-CAKEWhen staking on
Until nowWBNBWhenCAKEI needed to prepare and stake two currencies.
WBNBIf you prepare and stake onlyWBNB-CAKEIt is a form that can be staked.
And since the range adjustment that was troublesome with V3 is done automatically, you can just leave it alone!

About Pancake Swap

Pancake Swap is one of the famous DeFi (decentralized finance, DEX, AMM) that operates on BSC (BNB chain).

Mainly, using the swap function to exchange (exchange) virtual currencies,
You can use the staking function to deposit virtual currency and receive a portion of the commission (invest and receive staking rewards).

Types of staking functions

・Provision of liquidity (Liquidity)

 Earn money by depositing "two types of tokens"

→ Receive a commission with the deposited token
 → LP token (NFT) is issued


 Earn money by depositing "LP tokens"

→ get a cake


 Earn money by depositing "one type of token"

→ get a cake
*When depositing CAKE, the yield increases by locking it for a certain period of time.
   The increased amount will be automatically re-staked

Roughly explain how to make money with DeFi (PancakeSwap, Uniswap V3 – Polygon)


DeFi is still a new financial system. Trends change quickly, so it's important to get the latest information.

↓Current price of key tokens and CAKE used for gas bills

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Investing is your responsibility. In addition to the risk of price fluctuations, crypto assets (virtual currencies) also have the risk of being deceived and stolen, or losing crypto assets due to operational errors, so please do your own research before investing.

So, what do you think ?