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If you feel that Mac has become heavier.


It's been about a year since I started using mac.
Although I try to restart every day
It's getting heavy
Looking for a way to make it lighter
I ended up with an app called OnyX.

(reference site)
It's a loss if you don't know! 10 tricks to speed up a slow Mac [iMac Mac Book]

This app is multi-functional and can do many things.
You can delete unnecessary files by cleaning.
I'm using MacbookAir and iMac
Since MackbookAir has a small HDD capacity
If you don't clean it frequently, it will get heavy quickly.
Especially as soon as you do video editing with iMovie
Because it will be full of cache files etc. ^^;

Hide unnecessary effects for faster display speed
It seems that the bodily sensation speed can be faster just by doing it.

(reference site)
Speed ​​up Mac OS X and turn off unnecessary visual effects

So, what do you think ?