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How to make the background of Photoshop (artboard) transparent

After updating Photoshop to 2020, I can no longer make the background transparent when exporting PNG images.
(That !? Is it just me?)
Even if I looked it up, there wasn't an article that explained it, so I'll write it as a memorandum.

in conclusion

"Art board"of"Background color"The"Transparent"If you set it to, the background will be transparent, so you can create a transparent background image by exporting PNG images.

How to set

The background should be transparent, but it's white.

1. Select "Artboard" in "Layer"

In this case, select Artboard 1 instead of Layer 1.

2. Display the "Attributes" window.

If the "Attributes" window is not displayed, select "Attributes" from the toolbar window to display it.

3. "Artboard background color" of "Attribute" is "white", so change it to "transparent"

Since the "artboard background color" is "white" Change to "transparent"

4. The background is now transparent!

I didn't care about it in the previous version (2018), but I wonder if the display when newly created is "artboard"?
For the time being, I'm glad I was able to do it. I'm glad if you can use it as a reference!

So, what do you think ?