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Corresponding trouble of photoshop CS6 (Mac OS version)

We use the iMac 27-inch at work.
最近は adobe も Microsoft office もクラウドサービスで月額の料金体系になってきてますが 昔に会社で購入したソフトでも、まだまだ業務上支障はないのでそのまま使用しています。
(mainly Photoshop CS6Illustrator CS6Excel 2011 use)

Encounter any problems with the trouble of photoshop cs6, Excel 2011 of the mac version

ただ、なんか最近調子が悪く、PhotoshopもExcelもよく固まってフリーズしたり、 突然落ちたりと支障がでてきて困ってました。
Try to variously studied in such, that the case of his own, was effective
Software updateswas!
(Photoshop, is okay so far in Excel both updates.)


Also keep up those tried in the other.
自分の場合は、一瞬良くなったもののこれだけでは解決はしませんでしたが 何が影響しているのかわからないので、念のため備忘録として。

Shortcuts can not be used

Keyboard settings and, healed in place the plug-in at the time of use Wacom Co., Ltd. tablet.
→ After a while, it had returned to the original.


Fall well

Re-create the configuration file
→ it did not show much effect


Heavy Toki Roh corresponding method → ​​less effective moth seen no other

Update (Help> Update)
→ not seen much effect. . But I thought, ish was solved when I use a while while and OS restart. It is that an application update was valid!

If you are in trouble in the same way,
one timeSoftware updatesAlso
You may wish to try.

So, what do you think ?