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Plug-in frequently used in WordPress part3

Anew WordPress plug-ins will be saved if there full of useful stuff for free.
以前も、WordPressのプラグインの紹介を書いているのですが、前回紹介していなかったものと こっちの方がよさそうというのがあったのでメモしておきます。


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Plug-in frequently used in WordPress part3
  1. MW WP form (contact form)
  2. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (related article, recommended articles)
  3. WordPress Popular Posts (Popularity Index)
  4. WP-Members (membership sites)
  5. Transposh (translation)

MW WP form

MW WP Form

I say an inquiry form in WordPress, but was using the Contact form 7, because the people of this plug-MW WP form is function that can be used from the beginning there are many, it has become often use here in the projects.
The display of the confirmation screen at the standard that it Contact form 7, you do not be able to save the inquiry to DB.
But it says even if there is no if the form of the little content, considering such as operational and usability, I think I'm quite often me that you want to use this two functions.
Such case, we recommend to use the MW WP form without hesitation.
Display of a confirmation screen to add some plug-in to the Contact form 7 also, but DB you save can be, also because a little of array too increase the plug-in, when the initial introduction of the Na or good in here.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Plug-in that will be displayed at the Auto related articles that are indispensable to the blog.
Because it can be a fine setting, to feel good and be good at tuning, it can be automatic in making leads to recommendations for articles increase the migratory.
I think you very helpful because will work to take time to make this kind of logic from scratch.
In addition, easy-to-use because the management screen is Japanese correspondence.
However, since it can not be displayed by selecting a specific article, if you want to have that sort of thing is it looks good to use a different plug-ins, such as wordpress related posts.

WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Posts

Here also Buraguin us to achieve want ranking display function in order to increase the migration of the article content such as blogs.
The plug-in me to record the PV number When enabled, you will be able to view the ranking in PV number or comment the number of articles.
管理画面は英語ですが、設定は難しくないので数分で導入できてしまうのはホント ありがたいですね!

She can until this thing

In addition to such a thing! Plug-in feature called There are also full.
We have to introduce two from among them.


WP-Members Membership plugin

Here is a plug-in to be with a member function.
It is equipped with the necessary features to make the content of the members-only.
Is either or another plug-in, but the here was used in projects is it ease of use was good.

By Transposh

Transposh WordPress Translation

You want to use when you easily want to support multiple languages, it is a plug-in that will make a by automatic translation was Ku article.
Now at the Tokyo Olympic Games tangling, English, Chinese, I since the per Korean it is better you are able to correspond.
However, there is also a place where subtle because the automatic translation.
Because if the text of the translation can be prepared is better to use a different plug-ins (qTranslate X, etc.), it seems to last when you want to introduce a simplified manner.

Plug-in to use well in WordPress

> Plug-in Part 1 commonly used in WordPress
  1. Contact Form 7 (Contact Form)
  2. PS Disable Auto Formatting(自動整形無効化)
  3. Exec-PHP (use the PHP in post screen)
> Plug-part2 frequently used in WordPress (SEO-related)
  1. Google XML Sitemaps(XML自動生成)
  2. Google Analyticator (access number displayed on the dashboard)
  3. All In One SEO Pack (settings for SEO-related, such as TDK set)

So, what do you think ?