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Benefits of Using WordPress

ここ最近、Webサイトを作るときにはWordPress(ワードプレス)を使うことが、非常に多くなってきた。 そこで、WordPressを使うメリットについて、ちょっと考えたり調べた事をまとめておきます。


Can be updated on the management screen

When creating a website, one of the things you need to think about is how to update it after it is created.
Nowadays, there are few sites that are left as they are, and they often need to be updated when something changes or there is news.
If updates are to be made frequently, you will need a mechanism that allows even people without knowledge of HTML to update, so I would like to use a CMS (Content Management System).

High global share

WordPress is a blog/CMS tool made with PHP, and it has a very high share rate worldwide.
actual numbersW3Techsで調べると、 WordPressのシェア率はウェブサイト全体の20.8%、CMSの中だと59.6%と圧倒的に多いんです!
By the way, the second place and below are Joomla ([overall] 3.2%/[CMS] 9.2%) and Drupal ([overall] 1.9%/[CMS] 5.6%). (As of 2013/11/27)


Easy to customize

I think one of the reasons why it has such a high market share as a CMS is the ease of customization.
There are plenty of templates (also responsive) and plugins (see previous articles), and there are many samples in books and on the web.
 → Plug-in to use well in WordPress
 → Plug-in part2 frequently used in WordPress (SEO related)
It is also said that it is easy to implement SEO measures because it is easy to customize.

Easy to install

Another good thing is that it is easy to install. Since it's open source, there are no license fees, and you can install common rental servers with just one click, so it's a good idea to give it a try.
I often use low-cost rental servers such as Sakura Internet and Lolipop.
However, it is better to have some knowledge of PHP and MySQL for customization (^^;

So, what do you think ?