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Plug-in to use well in WordPress

WordPressを使うメリットのひとつは、豊富にあるプラグインを使って、手軽にカスタマイズが可能なところ。 ほとんどのことはプラグインでできてしまうと言ってもいいくらい、色んな種類の膨大な数のプラグインがあります。
Also this time among them, so I tried to summarize the plug-ins that use well, please look in the reference.

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Plug-in to use well in WordPress
  1. Contact Form 7 (Contact Form)
  2. PS Disable Auto Formatting(自動整形無効化)
  3. Exec-PHP (use the PHP in post screen)

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Classic inquiry form!
When creating the form in WordPress, I use most of the plug-in.
Simple but is a flexible and easy to use and can be customized.

In addition, since the classic guggul and customization of the sample is also rich of convenient place.
It as possible, display and customization of form (form, e-mail) only.

PS Disable Auto Formatting

PS Disable Auto Formatting

Plug-in that will disable the automatic formatting.
WordPressはテキスト(HTML)モードでも、改行を<br>に自動整形してくれるんですが、HTMLになれてると不便。 また、エディタのモード(「ビジュアルモード」と「テキスト(HTML)モード」)を変更すると<br>や<p>タグが勝手に挿入されたりしちゃうんですよね。

People who use the text (HTML) mode, I think that it is more convenient to there.



Convenient plug-ins that make a PHP directly into the article. (It seems some people dislike the security of the relationship.)
His is often used in a fixed page when creating a web site.

In particular, or you have to pull such as a URL or themes directory path in bloginfo () function, the transition to a production environment we use so that it can be comfortably from the development environment.
Well, cry I can be, but I (laughs) plug-in to ease.

Besides, I have a convenient plug-ins that are using in SEO-related, it is even the next time!

Plug-in to use well in WordPress

> Plug-part2 frequently used in WordPress (SEO-related)
  1. Google XML Sitemaps(XML自動生成)
  2. Google Analyticator (access number displayed on the dashboard)
  3. All In One SEO Pack (settings for SEO-related, such as TDK set)
> Plug-part3 commonly used in WordPress
  1. MW WP form (contact form)
  2. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (related article, recommended articles)
  3. WordPress Popular Posts (Popularity Index)
  4. WP-Members (membership sites)
  5. Transposh (translation)

So, what do you think ?