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I tried asset management / funding NISA for a year and a half (ongoing)

Monthly 10,000 yenIs managed by a funded NISA account.
It's been a year and a half, so let's look back on it all together.
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I tried asset management / funded NISA for one year (ongoing)
I tried asset management / funded NISA for half a year (ongoing)

Stocks40% of the domestic stockForeign stocks 60%Trust fees are low at the rate ofIndex Fund (ETF)The result of ordering at the end of the month and checking the valuation amount on the next 15th is as follows.

I tried the funded NISA for a year and a half

As of January 15, 2021

Revenue includes +33,303 yen(+18.5%)
Valuation 213,303 yen
Investment amount 180,000 yen

Impressions of try to operate

What is the impact of the new Corona?

In February, when the new corona began to make noise in Japan, it dropped to -22.3%, and then steadily increased toward the end of the year, and now the unrealized gain is as high as 18.5%.

The corona vaccine has just begun to appear on the market, but there are many companies that go bankrupt economically, so I feel that it is not in a high state as it is and that it is likely to fall somewhere.
In Shibuya Dogenzaka near my workplace, there are quite a few vacant spaces on the street shop on the first floor, so I'm a little worried.

However, since it is a style of accumulating index funds with funded NISA, it seems that there is no change in what we do.
In reality, it is ideal to raise the deposit power to the limit of 33,000 yen per month instead of 10,000 yen per month, but that is a difficult place.
I think it will be possible for each mobile phone carrier to change to a monthly plan of just under 3,000 yen in March, so I think it would be better to change it and reduce unnecessary fixed costs. I feel these days.

What is the ratio of Japanese stocks to foreign stocks?

I have set a reserve of 40% of Japanese stocks and 60% of foreign stocks, and I am thinking of adjusting if the balance is lost, but so far it has been piled up with the same balance and rebalancing has not been done yet. Not.
At the current market price, it seems that it doesn't seem to move in the opposite direction.

Some index fundsGlobal Equity (All Country)There is also something like that, so if the trust fee is cheap, that may be fine.
However, by dividing it into two, I think that even if one of them moves unexpectedly, it is easy to make adjustments, so this is also a wait-and-see.

High dividend stock investment

In parallel with index investment, we are gradually growing high-dividend stock investment that emphasizes dividends.
I understand that index investment has a good total return in the long run, but looking at it in a year or a few years, I feel that it is a little unsatisfactory that unrealized gains alone do not generate actual income.

Of course, we will reinvest the cash balance,

Investment stocks

Nissei - <purchase and redemption without commission> Nissei foreign stock index funds

Fees purchase (tax included) None
Trust fee (tax included) / year 0Take this opportunity to get some information again High-dividend US stocks and individual stocks with main dividends It's a small amount, but I'm trying it. I want to increase my assets steadily while studying.
Trust assets reserves amount None
Termination fee (tax included) None
Association code 2931113C

Nissei - <purchase and redemption without commission> Nissei TOPIX index fund

Fees purchase (tax included) None
Trust fee (tax included) / year 0Within .154%
Trust assets reserves amount None
Termination fee (tax included) None
Association code 29312154

So, what do you think ?