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Recommend the soft board (sponge board)

Recently, when surfing at Shonan are going to have a soft board.
Initially, at least some people are using, despite the resistance a little care embarrassment, fun and easy and try to use, much is seem as I think we said in another Kore ^^
After all, is fun to ride in small waves Rakuchin because buoyancy! The sentence Dolphin through is a difficult (laughs)
World (USA, California) it It is like surge of popularity any time.
And fold it tried a little investigated.

table of contents

  1. Soft board and is
  2. merit and demerit
  3. Whether or not there is any brand
  4. Featured in magazine

Soft board and is

In general, it is a surfboard that is often used in surf school and rental board for beginners. In English it seems to be referred to as a soft top (Soft-Top Surfboard).
Unlike full-fledged surfboard made is coated with a resin by cutting the normal form, it is made of soft material such as soft, the sponge-like body board.

The difference of a normal surfboard and soft board

Normal surfboard For the competition (and referred to in the car super car, road bikes that that's bicycle more than 300,000, hardball wooden bat In terms of baseball),
People who want to surf like a pro,
For people who want to be good surfing
Soft board A tool to enjoy (and referred to in the car a go-kart, granny's specific that it is a bicycle, Rubber-metal bat it's baseball),
People who want to pretend you are surfing (wry smile),
For people who want to play a fun and safe

Competitions and not the purpose of leaving the contest, play fun I thought it was recommended soft board if the purpose.

Of soft board advantages, disadvantages

merit Hardly broken (which may not have to worry about to carry)
There is a buoyancy (smaller of the easy ride even with a weak wave → fun, made in practice)
Relatively safe as a hit because it is a soft material
Cheap price
Demerit Beginner-ish
Fancy the often (recently has come out even the fashionable)
Technique is difficult to do, it can not be neat turn, such as the shape board

By the way, since the surface is what you are using is slippery, we use put a wax sheet instead of wax.
(Soft board be the same as the normal surfboard, because after all slippery Once in the water slip is required. It is overwhelming to a lot of people are using the wax, but to that melts in the summer, it is messy I had decided to wax sheet since put away.)
That's Ronsupu and bathing suit, only the painful rubbing when the sponge part of Hajikko are waves waiting but is dissatisfied point, I think I want to enjoy some time in the soft board.

[2018/6/1追記] ソフト(スポンジ)ボード用ワックスも登場しましたね!

[2017/8/16 postscript] first of softech5’8 JL DSS SIGNATURE SOFTBOARDBut he was riding on,Water Rampageのスペースフィッシュに一目ぼれして買ってしまいました♪しばらくこれになりそうです^^
[2018/6/1追記] ウォーターランページのスペースフィッシュを使ってみて気づいた、一つだけ改善して欲しい点。

Surfing water run-page space fish in the soft board

Whether or not there is any brand

CATCH SURF (catch surf)

Legend who invented a body board, revolutionary soft surfboard by Tom Morley (Tom Morey)


SOFTECH (ソフテック)

High-performance sponge board in Australia to the fashionable!


WATER RAMPAGE (water run page)

Without being subject to fashion and brand, the life style of the sea no one has been developed in order to enjoy the casual "WATER RAMPAGE"
Japan one of the best surfboard factory "MASTER WORKS"And of the body board shaperNakatsugawa Yinが長年のボード作りの経験に基づき”海でたのしむための道具”をコンセプトに考えたモデルは、シーズンを問わず使用する事が出来るレジャーボード。ソフトな素材を用いたボードやフィンは、誰もが安心して楽しく遊ぶことができる。

88 Surfboards (Eighty Eight surfboard)

Australia Byron Bay birthplace of soft board brand. Brand to pursue the joy in simple.



[2018/6/1追記] CJ Nelson DesignYa Modom surf などおしゃれなソフトボードや、Mick Fanning soft boardなどのパフォーマンスの高いものなど、色々な種類のソフトボードが続々登場中で盛り上がってますね!

Featured in magazine

[2017/8/16 postscript]
Even in the surf magazine called 2017 September issue of SURFIN'LIFE, I had been planning that professional surfers ride to various soft board in Niijima!
"Pleasant midsummer of Niijima surf trip only soft board"
Likely it has been becoming increasingly popular feeling.

[2018/6/1追記] 2018年5月号にも特集ページありましたね。
"Soft board forefront of enthusiasm is followed by" →Part of the article

So, what do you think ?