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Surf Trip to Phuket (Thailand)

It's getting warmer and warmer, and it's almost time to go surfing.
I'm planning to go there again in July this year, so I'd like to summarize about surfing in Phuket.

Surf trip to Phuket

table of contents

  1. Phuket surfing circumstances
  2. Phuket surf spot
  3. What to bring when the surfing trip to Phuket
  4. Summary of Phuket surf trip

Phuket surfing circumstances

Speaking of Phuket Island, it is one of the world's leading islands in the Kingdom of Thailand.Resort townIt is famous as
An everlasting summer resort with a beautiful sea and abundant nature, featured in the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio
Coming out of the Phi Phi IslandWhite sandsWhenCalm seaI think many people imagine this.

Although Phuket is like that,rainy seasonThen the waves start to rise,surfingI can!
Also, even in the rainy seasonThe temperature is 30 ℃ before and afterBecause there is
Wet suit No needIt's also nice to be able to surf there.
Although it is the rainy season, it rarely rains all day long, and there seem to be several heavy squalls a day.

Activities other than surfing, meals, sightseeing, massages, night spots, etc.
Since we have everything, recently we haveSurf tripIt is also known as a place for

However, that doesn't mean you can surf all year round.
The waves are not as good as Bali, Hawaii, or Australia,
In Japan, the waves are about the size of northern Chiba.
It may be a bit unsatisfactory for advanced surfers, but
People of much-intermediateThan Japan of the sea that are crowded for theHave free
The warm Phuket sea would say!
The beaches of Japan (especially Shonan) get very crowded when the weather is nice (bitter smile).

Also, during the rainy seasonLow SeasonSo there aren't many people and the streets aren't crowded.
Also hotelBest pricesIn will be or able to stay!
I saw very few Japanese people, and most of the tourists were Russian, Chinese, and Indian.

Phuket surf spot

Where you can surf in PhuketWest sideIt will be a beach.
Basically, it is a wind wave, and when the wind blows from the southwestThe waves of the size of the waist-chestIt will stand up.

Kata Beach

There are various surf spots in Phuket,
Kata Beach"Is mellowFan WaveYou can enjoy surfing constantly.
I have gone on a surf trip to Phuket twice so far.
NearlySurfing at Kata Beach.

Surf spot of Kata Beach near the center

Kata Beach is more than the north-south 1kmWide beachbut,
There seemed to be a lot of surfers in three areas: north, middle, and south.
On days with calm waves, I saw surfers everywhere.
On days when the waves are strong, it gives the impression that the waves are divided into either the left or the right.
South sideThe size of but relatively wavebig
BestNorth sideButWaveletI think it's recommended for beginners.

A surf spot on the south side of Kata Beach, where experienced locals gather when the waves are good.

At the point in front of the hotel on the south side (Beyond Resort Kata), it will be difficult to get out as the number of waves increases.
Rocks on the left sideIt seemed easier to get out if you followed the path.
(When I couldn't get out and was being rubbed by the waves, a local person told me about it ^^;)

Kata Noi Beach

Other than Kata, next to Kata Beach is ``Kata Noi Beach” was also good.
Long stairsThere is a beach just down the road,
From Kata BeachA large wave as one sizeIt seems that.
However, compared to Kata Beach, the points are lower.narrowTara more than 10 people surfer purchase because
It seems better to avoid getting into the water.

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Patong Beach

Also, Phuket's largestDowntown streetAPatong Beachtoo,
When the waves were big at Kata Beach, the waves were smaller than Kata Beach, so
Of conditionIf their timingIt might be good.

What to bring when the surfing trip to Phuket

Surfing in PhuketThings necessaryLet me summarize.

Wet suit unnecessary

First of all, you don't need a wetsuit!
Even if you have it, use Tupperware to prevent sunburn.Rush guardIt is enough.
SoSwimsuitIt's okay if there is.
Being able to surf with just a pair of sea pants is a great thing that can only be found at a resort!


Sunscreenis required.
You can buy it locally, but it's better to bring it with you.
Sunlight is strong daySurf capIt's better if you have some.


Surfboards can be rented on the beach at Kata Beach.
About150 baht for 1 hour500-600 baht per dayAbout.
If you want a full-fledged board,Tokonatsuya'sIn surf guide, such asrentalIt seems good to do that.
However, if you have a good board, or if you want to surf somewhere other than Kata Beach,
If you are staying for a long time, you may want to bring a surfboard.

For comparisonSurfboard chargeIt isHOMEWhen Ifreewas.
Thai AirwaysBut the one-way$60(6.5 feet or less).
(Although I have never used it, Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines also seem to be free.)

Surf accessories

Also, although there is a surf shop locally, it doesn't have that many items.
If you bring a surfboard,waxYaSpare leash cords, fins, repair goodsAlso something
I think it's better to take it with you.
I saw some Rip Curl and Quiksilver shops in Patong and Kata.
Surf goods most in the apparel centerI can not seewas.

Those that may be in the other

In my case, I stayed in Patong,Car rentalIn because I went to the surf spot
Simple shower used by interpolating the pet bottleIt was nice to have!
Also, add waterFolding plastic tank. We were carrying water from the hotel.
There's quite a bit of sand that gets on your feet, so if you wash it off, your car won't get dirty ^^

Good things to have when surfing: a plastic tank and a simple shower

afterBCAA (amino acid)If you take it before and after surfing, it can help reduce muscle pain.
You'll want to surf a lot!

Summary of Phuket surf trip

Phuket's surfing season is the rainy season (May-October)

You can surf in sea pants, but it is better to take sun protection.

Recommended for surfing beginners and intermediate players

Surf spot is not Kata Beach is inaccurate.

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So, what do you think ?