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Surfing by train

In much the past two years, we are totally addicted to surfing.
I live in Tokyo (Shibuya), we went to surf mainly in train to Shonan and Chiba north on Saturday and Sunday.
I do not quite progress, it feels good to be refreshed and go to sea.


People to surf, because the basic car,Train SurfingLess information of
Because I think that many people are feeling a hurdle to get started
Note I think the temple, and want to keep together.

table of contents

Tools necessary to surfing
  1. surfboard
  2. Wet suit
  3. bag
Go easy surf spot by train from Tokyo
  1. Shonan
  2. Chibakita
  3. Chiba south
  4. Tokyo Oimachi (Wave Pool)

Tools necessary to surfing


Note the tools necessary from the perspective of the surf by train


This is not the beginning that there is no, but the first is I think that is good to rental in the surf shop.

Kind of surfboard is roughly
Long board, mid-length (fan board), three types of short board.

Since there is a provision in size Rokr on the train, those who want to carry the
Mid-lengthOrShort boardIt will be.
Those who long board, I think that it made on whether the car to use the board locker of surf shop.

Up to 2 meters long (about 6.5ft), surfboard those housed in a dedicated bag
※ luggage Rokr excerpt from JR East site

Since he had started from the fan board of first 7.4ft, but we were using the board locker,
From the purchase a 5.10ft Fish board of (mid-length), you have to lift.

Movement is overwhelmingly easy is better to rent a board locker, but,
Toka want to go to other surf spots, Toka want to do in their own plate also abroad
If the desire is more crowded, it is better to carry.

[2017/6/25 postscript]
Of the topic nowSoft board (sponge board) also recommendedis.

Wet suit

Here it also excepts midsummer is mandatory. Since the type is surprisingly often is where any user is in doubt or need.
Because here can also be rented at the surf shop, please find what you need in yourself variously try.

Although myself I wanted to as much as possible minimum, because the surfing through one year,
TupperRonsupuSemi-dryI settled down to three so far.
However, Short John, Long John, are also still wondering, such as full suit w
Waver's also to say shaken part of the fun.

After that, those who are within the middle of winter is, boots, gloves, you will need in some areas also, such as head cap.

Seawater temperature (℃) Wet suit standard
25°C or higher Swimsuit + Tupperware or Rashguard
22℃〜25℃ spring
18℃〜22℃ Full suit (3mm)
18℃ or less Semi-dry (5mm)
15℃ or less need boots


When carrying a wet suit, it is useful when there is a dry bag.
Although made of silicon bucket and the tarp back also I tried using, given the moveDry bagOf it is whether better.

Go easy surf spot by train from Tokyo


That you want to hold down to go surfing by train, and the distance from the station to the sea
Information of surf shops that are borrowed the shower entrust the luggage.

Shonan (Kugenuma Coast Eki)

Train [nearest station from Shibuya: 1 hour to 1 hour and a half (about one way 640-1000 yen)
Walk [sea from the nearest station: 5 to 10 minutes

Most go easy location, Kanagawa PrefectureShonan (Kamakura, Fujisawa, Chigasaki)is.
Imagewise that Shonan Speaking of surfing, we are full of year-round surfer.
Since the sea there is a lot of surf shops, where locker, you borrow a few hundred yen a shower.

Myself go wellKugenumakaigan (Hikichigawa estuary-per Tsujido)the usa surfI use a shop called.
1 hour to 1 hour and a half by train from Shibuya, at about 5 to 10-minute walk from Kugenuma-Kaigan Station
It is very easy to go because the exit to the sea.

From Tokyoclose! Travel expensesCheaplyit can.

All year round, there are many people. It is often the waves are small.

Chibakita (Kazusa Ichinomiya Station)

Train [nearest station from Shibuya: Around 2 hours (about 1600 yen one way)
Walk [sea from the nearest station: 30~45 minutes
Taxi [sea from the nearest station: About one meter (one way about 700 yen)

In Chiba Kita, it is a candidate site for the surfing venue of the Tokyo Olympics (Shidashita Point, Tsurigasaki Beach).Ichinomiya-machiIs easy to reach by train.
2 hours little by train from Shibuya. Because from Kazusa Ichinomiya Station there is a little distance to go to sea on foot
Go out to sea from the station was it looks good to use a taxi.
If the short board Tsumikome Have defeat the passenger seat of the taxi. (It will be a maximum of 2 people to ride it.)
Another one, in front of the stationfreeYou can rent an electric bicycle at, so you can use this as well.
(However, I do not know always or rent is because there are only two. A little more increase in Hoshi)
[2017/6/23 postscript]
Bicycle heard the information that there is more than one from a friend. Moreover, is the pattern under consideration is also to put the surfboard carrier ^^
[2018/7/18 postscript]
Bicycle rental has changed to a fee. 500 yen or 1000 yen a day. It seems that the number and types of bicycles (ordinary bicycles, beach cruisers, road bikes, electrically power assisted bicycles) are increasing for the Olympics to improve convenience!
The website of the tourist association is also clean and you can see information about surf points!
■ Ichinomiya-cho tourism organizations http://ichinomiya.org/cycling-and-surf-map/
■ rurubu special editing Ichinomiya-machi http://ichinomiya.org/rurubu2018/

To use yourself wellSunriseIn front of the point of the eyeSurf shop DoThat is a shop. (PatagoniachpIt is near. )
500 yen/ You can rent a shower, a changing room and a parking lot in 1 day. The clerk is also kind!
[2018/7/18 postscript]
The usage fee for showers, changing rooms and parking lots has been changed to 700 yen per day. It has been renewed and has become beautiful!

 Wave goodIt is often (wave of power is different), there are a lot of surf point is really one placeIt is less that crowded

Far compared to Shonan. Shops such as convenience stores is small (in the car is fundamental, because there is a distance of up to a convenience store, you want to use a bicycle or skateboard)

Chiba Minami (Awa-Kamogawa Station)

Train [nearest station from Shibuya: Around 3 hours (about 2300 to 3600 yen one way)
Walk [sea from the nearest station: 5~10 minutes * It takes about 10 minutes by taxi or bus (get off at Kameda Hospital) to Maruki Point.

To be honest, it was a very short distance to go on a day trip from Tokyo by train.
電車の場合は「特急わかしお」を利用するのが最速で良いですが、 東京駅・浜松町から安房鴨川駅・亀田病院までHighway bus (2,450 yen one way)Is also running, so it seems better to use it for cospa.
The sea (Seaside Point) is a short walk from the station, so it would have been nice if we could secure a shower and lockers.

> Kamogawa Navi (Kamo Navi) – List of surf shops in Kamogawa

Yourself near the Marquis pointGrassyI rented a shower and a changing room. I was impressed by the kind staff.
Maruki Point has good surfing because surfing games are also held, and it seems convenient if it is a car because it is a parking lot in front.
Basically it is a beach break, but please be careful because the left side is a reef and the number of locals increases when the waves are good.

Tokyo Oimachi (Wave Pool)

Citywave Tokyo Suporu Shinagawa Oimachi

Train [nearest station from Shibuya: 15-20 minutes (one-way 160-360 yen)
On foot [Facility from nearest station]: 5 points

Inside the multi-sports entertainment facility built for the Tokyo Olympics, there is a wave pool that generates artificial waves, where you can enjoy surfing.
You can't practice paddling or takeoff with this city wave, but you can practice movement after takeoff.

For more information on surfing pools, see this article.
Japan and the world of the wave pool (pool that can surf)


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