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Japan and the world of the wave pool (pool that can surf)

東京都内でサーフィンのできる施設(人工波プール)が2018年夏にできました。 週末、電車で海に通う都内在住のサーファーにとっては朗報で、まだ体験できてないのですが嬉しい限りです!

また、2018年はプロのサーフィン大会で人工ウェーブプール(サーフプール、マシンウェーブ)が使用されたりと、この分野も盛り上がっているようで 日本と世界のウェーブプールについて調べてみました!

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Japan of the wave pool
  1. 🇯🇵[Oimachi, Tokyo] Citywave Tokyo (Sporu Shinagawa Oimachi)
  2. 🇯🇵[Hyogo, Kobe] Kobe Reizu
  3. 🇯🇵[Chiba Kisarazu] Surf lunch Tokyo -Is there a high possibility that construction will be canceled? !!
  4. 🇯🇵[Shizuoka / Makinohara] Shizunami Surf Stadium Japan [Added on 2020/3/5]
  5. 🇯🇵[Kanagawa / Oimachi] La Reyes Shonan [Added 2021/7/5]

World of wave pool Brand
 Wave Garden
  1. 🇪🇸[Spain Basque] Wave Garden
  2. 🇺🇸[USA · Texas] N land Surf Park
  3. 🇬🇧[United Kingdom Wales] Surf Snowdonia
  4. 🇦🇺[Australia] Urban Surf -Scheduled to open in 2019
 Surf lunch
  1. 🇺🇸[USA · California] Surf Ranch
 AWM Perfect Swell
  1. 🇺🇸[USA · Texas] BSR Surf Resort
 City Wave
  1. 🇩🇪[Munich, Germany] Jochen Schweitzer Arena
  2. 🇩🇪[Osnabrück, Germany] Haswell L & T
  3. 🇫🇷[France] glassy House
  4. 🇨🇭[Switzerland] Urban Surf
  5. 🇦🇹[Vienna, Austria] multiplex City Wave
  6. 🇮🇱[Israel Hadera] CITYWAVE surfing pool

Extra edition flow rider
  1. 🇹🇭[Phuket, Thailand] Surf House Phuket
  2. 🇹🇭[Bangkok, Thailand] Flow House Bangkok
  3. 🇰🇷[Seoul, Korea] flow House Seoul
  4. 🇸🇬[Singapore] Wave House Sentosa
  5. 🇮🇩[Bali] ARMADA flow House Bali
  6. 🇺🇸[Hawaii] Wet 'n Wild Hawaii
  7. 🇺🇸[USA · Florida] Margaritaville Beach Resort
  8. 🇪🇸[Spain, Ibiza] Surf Lounge Ibiza

Japan of the wave pool

[Oimachi, Tokyo] Citywave Tokyo (Sporu Shinagawa Oimachi)

*[Updated 7/5/2021] Since Sporu Shinagawa Oimachi has closed, it is scheduled to reopen in Sakaimachi, Ibaraki Prefecture. citywave Tokyo Sakaimachi (Experience ticket is a return gift for hometown tax.)
URL: citywave-tokyo.jp
Street address: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Hiromachi 2-chome, 1-19 Suporu Shinagawa Oimachi in
usage fee: 6,200 yen ~ / 50 minutes

Rental (surfboards, wetsuits, bath towels) is included in the usage fee, so it's easy and nice to be able to do it with just a swimsuit.

It seems that the size of the wave can be set to large, medium and small, and it seems that you can practice with the size of the wave that matches the level.
However, you can't practice paddling or takeoff.

[Hyogo, Kobe] Kobe Reizu

URL: kobe-reyes.com
Street address: Kobe Kita-ku, Yamadachoharano 1-1 Minotani Green Sports Hotel site
usage fee: 10,200 yen ~ / 1 hour 45 minutes ~

Japan's only artificial surfing facility that uses the patented "carry wave generator".
It opened in 2016 and is updated every year.

[Chiba / Kisarazu] Surf Lunch Tokyo (-High possibility of construction cancellation ?!)

A plan to build an artificial wave facility "Wave Pool" for surfing competitions has surfaced in Kisarazu City. It is scheduled to open in 2020.
A US company under the control of a famous surfer established a Japanese corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo) and started the construction business.
The planned construction site is near the "Kisarazu Kita Interchange" on the Tateyama Expressway in Sasako, the same city.

"Mainichi Shimbun (local edition, June 25, 2018)" Artificial wave pool: For surfing competition, scheduled to open just before the Olympics in Kisarazu / Chiba
[Added on 2020/3/5]
"THE SURF NEWS (June 26, 2019)" Is there a high possibility that construction will be canceled? !! Chiba / Kisarazu artificial surfing facility "Surf Lunch Tokyo"

By the way, this month's magazine featured Wavepool, so be sure to read it as well!
City Wave Tokyo & Kobe Rays Good Wave in the city center where you can surf even on weekdays

[Shizuoka / Makinohara] Shizunami Surf Stadium Japan

[Added on 2020/3/5]
URL: surfstadium-japan.co.jp
Street address: Shizuoka Prefecture Makinohara Shizunami area
usage fee: Scheduled from 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen / hour ~
"Namiaru? (Updated on 03/04/2020)" A press conference will be held on the future expectations and prospects of Shizunami Wavepool, which aims to open in June 2020!

There have been various rumors about the construction of a domestic wave pool, but it seems that the story was going on in Shizuoka! It is said that construction will start soon, so I wonder if we can expect this time! ??
It has been adopted as an official wave pool for the training of the USA Surfing America representative AWM Perfect Swell It seems to use the system of.

It seems that the American team and the Japanese team of the Olympic Tokyo Games also used it in practice! I can't wait to open it.
"THE SURF NEWS (updated 2021/07/18)" USA surfing team during pre-camp. Public practice at Shizunami Beach and Shizunami Surf Stadium

[Kanagawa Oimachi] La Reyes Shonan -la reyes shonan-

[Added 2021/7/5]
URL: https://la-reyes.com/
Street address: 260 Yanagi, Oi-machi, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa (5km from Tomei Expressway Oi-Matsuda IC)
usage fee: 10,450 yen / 100 minutes ~ / Entrance fee 1,500 yen

A surf village made by renovating "Ikoi no Mura Ashigara". It seems that it will be a facility where you can enjoy not only surfing but also sauna and glamping.
It seems that the operation is the same as Kobe Rays (?), but it seems that they have introduced a new patented wave-making system.

World of wave pool Brand

Wave Garden

A pioneer in artificial wave technology.
Wavegarden Cove is the ability to produce a wave of even 1,000 in 1 hour
It is a pool that can produce all types of wave quality.

🇪🇸 [Basque, Spain] Wavegarden S.L.U.

URL: wavegarden.com
Instagram: @wavegarden_official
Street address: Gipuzkoa, Spain
usage fee: Generally not available for demo center

🇺🇸 [USA / Texas (Austin)] N Land Surf Park

URL: nlandsurfpark.com
Instagram: @nlandsurfpark
Street address: ETJ, 4836, E Hwy 71, Del Valle, TX 78617 United States
usage fee: $ 60.00 (about 6,750 yen) ~ / 1 hour

🇬🇧 [Wales, England] Surf Snowdonia (SURF SNOWDONIA)

URL: surfsnowdonia.com
Instagram: @surfsnowdonia
Street address: Conway Rd, Dolgarrog, Conwy LL32 8QE United Kingdom
usage fee: £ 35.00 (approx. 5,200 yen) ~ / 1 hour

🇦🇺 [Australia] Urban Surf (URBANSURF) (-scheduled to open in 2019)

URL: urbnsurf.com
Instagram: @urbnsurf
remarks: Scheduled to open in 2019, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth

Surf lunch

Wave pool by Kelly Slater, also known as the best surfer ever.
The wave quality is like a wave close to a point break.
It was also used at the WSL Pro tour event in September 2018.

🇺🇸 [USA / California] SURF RANCH

URL: kswaveco.com
Instagram: @kswaveco
Street address: 18556 Jackson Ave, Lemoore, CA 93245 United States
usage fee: General use of non

AWM Perfect Swell

USA Surfing It has been adopted as a formal training wave pool for the United States representative.
The wave quality is like a wave close to a beach break.

🇺🇸 [USA / Texas (Weco)] BSR Surf Resort

URL: bsrcablepark.com
Instagram: @bsrcablepark
Street address: 5347 Old Mexia Rd, Waco, TX 76705 United States
usage fee: $ 60.00 (about 6750 yen) ~ / 1 hour

City Wave

Next-generation wave pool born in Germany triggered by river surfing.
The facility in Oimachi, Tokyo is also this wave pool.
As there are indoor facilities, it is more compact than other artificial wave pools.

🇩🇪 [Munich, Germany] JOCHEN SCHWEIZER arena

URL: jochen-schweizer-arena.de
Instagram: @jochenschweizerarena
Street address: Ludwig-Bölkow-Allee 1, 82024 Taufkirchen, Germany
usage fee: € 39.90 (approx. 5,200 yen) ~ / 45 minutes

🇩🇪 [Osnabrück, Germany] Haswell (L & T – Hasewelle)

URL: l-t.de
Street address: 49074 Osnabrück Germany
usage fee: € 29.00 (approx. 3,800 yen) ~ / 45 minutes

🇫🇷 [France] The Glassy House

URL: theglassyhouse.com
Instagram: @theglassyhouse
Street address: Parc Commercial Océanis Rond Point de l'Europe, 85800 Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, フ ラ ン ス
usage fee: € 38.00 (approx. 5,000 yen) ~ / 1 hour 30 minutes

🇨🇭 [Switzerland] Urban Surf (URBAN SURF)

URL: urbansurf.ch
Instagram: @ urbansurf.zrh
Street address: Geroldstrasse 11c, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
usage fee: CHF 57.00 (approx. 6,500 yen) ~ / 45 minutes

🇦🇹 [Vienna, Austria] Multiplex City Wave

URL: city-wave.at
Instagram: @citywaveat
Street address: Shopping City Süd, SCS Multiplex CityWave, 2351 Wiener Neudorf, Austria
usage fee: € 39.00 (approx. 5,100 yen) ~ / 50 minutes

🇮🇱 [Israel Hadera] CITYWAVE surfing pool

URL: mall-hof.com
Instagram: @mallhofvillage
Street address: CITYWAVE on the Beach Village חדרה Israel Hadera
usage fee: NIS 110 (approx. 3,400 yen) ~ / 45 minutes

Extra edition flow rider

プーケットにサーフトリップに行った時 サーフスポットのカタビーチと繁華街のパトンで サーフィンのような体験ができる施設がありました。
よく調べてみると、サーフボードではなく専用のフィンのないボード(スケボーくらいのサイズ)で 斜面を逆流する流れに乗って遊ぶサーフィンに似たフローライダーというスポーツでした。

こちらはサーフボードを使わないので、サーフィンとは少し違いますが 東南アジアやリゾート、海外サーフスポットの近くなどにもあるので 近くに遊びに行く際は、チャレンジしてみても面白そうです!
It seems that it used to be in Japan, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to exist now.

🇹🇭 [Phuket, Thailand (Patong, Kata Beach)] Surf House Phuket

URL: surfhousephuket.com
Instagram: @surfhousephuket
Address (Patton): 151 Thawewong Rd, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Phuket 83150 Wat Chang タ イ
Address (Kata): 4 Pakbang Road Kata Beach Tambon Karon, Muang Chang Wat Phuket 83100 イ
usage fee: 1,000 THB (about 3,500 yen) ~ / 1 hour

🇹🇭 [Bangkok, Thailand] Flow House Bangkok

URL: flowhousebangkok.com
Instagram: @flowhousebangkok
Street address: Project A Square 120/1 Sukhumvit 26 Alley, Khlong Tan Khlong Toei Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110 タイ
usage fee: 750THB (about 2,600 yen) ~ / 1 hour

🇰🇷 [Seoul, South Korea] Flow House Seoul

URL: flowhouseseoul.com
Instagram: @flowhouseseoul
Street address: 104 Gongneungcheon-ro, Gobong-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
usage fee: 20,000 won (about 2,000 yen) ~ / 30 minutes

🇸🇬 [Singapore] Wave House Sentosa

URL: wavehousesentosa.org
Instagram: @wavehousesentosa
Street address: 36 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099007
usage fee: $ 35.00 (approx. 2,900 yen) ~ / 1 hour

🇮🇩 [Bali] ARMADA Flow House Bali

URL: flowhousebali.com
Instagram: @flowhousebali
Street address: Jl. Dewi Sri No.72, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 Indonesia
usage fee: 300,000Rp (approx. 2,210 yen) ~ / 1 hour

🇺🇸 [Hawaii] Wet ’n ’Wild Hawaii

URL: jpwetnwildhawaii.com
Instagram: @wetnwildhawaii
Street address: 400 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei, HI 96707 United States
usage fee: $ 2.00 (about 230 yen) / time $ 10.00 (about 1,120 yen) / day
* A separate admission ticket to the facility is required.

🇺🇸 [USA / Florida (Miami)] Margaritaville Beach Resort

URL: margaritaville hollywoodbeachresort.com
Instagram: @margaritaville hollywood beach
Street address: 1111 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019 United States
usage fee: $ 30.00 (approx. 3,400 yen) ~ / 30 minutes

🇪🇸 [Spanish Ibiza] Surf Lounge Ibiza

URL: surfloungeibiza.com
Instagram: @surfloungeibiza
Street address: Camí des Molí, 10, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Balearic Islands, ス ペ イ ン
usage fee: € 35.00 (approx. 4,600 yen) ~ / 1 hour

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