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Cancelled ni lack of exercise. . .

Lack of exercise that people who have a WEB-related beginning desk work is a concern.
自分は、ゴルフ練習を週2〜3回(今は休憩中)、テニスを月1回、ボルダリングを2〜3ヶ月に1回程度しているのですが 今度は気になっていたサーフィンにトライする事にしました!(ゴルフ同様、仕事絡みでw)

First of all, that the land Torre, occasionally ride to the balance board in the office

Also riding on something skate board called the cruiser in commuting.
And fun so that Svetlana is (^^)

I'm riding a Penny (penny), but it makes this site reference ↓

And, w which was a little burned to see this video. Odd no! Do not anxious long board.

Hey, but I had it from surfing, we have yesterday went finally to Shonan.
冬だから寒いんじゃないかとか、海怖そうだなとか、ローカルの人に絡まれたら嫌だなとか マイナスな事もちょっと気になりつつも、スクールへ。

Once upon a time, it was fun there be challenged when the Bali travel, a little bitter memories also there is.
人生2回目のサーフィンは、前日に低気圧が抜けたから波がかなり高めで、 予想に反して、人でいっぱい!!!

Among them, the practice of take-off in the smaller of the waves nearby beach called soup.
Surprisingly ride! !
I practice of paddling was not at all, was fun!
In addition, we want to do.
I knew I would become want also board and wet suit.
Earned Nakya'!

So, what do you think ?